How to Enhance Your Garage Security

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Often times when homeowners are considering their home security they tend to overlook the importance of securing the garage. The garage tends to be used as a storage place for numerous valuable power tools, lawnmowers and your cars. Not only are their valuables in the garage but an attached garage could also allow easy access to the rest of your home. As many homeowners overlook this the garage door becomes an easy point in many homes security. Depending on the type of garage door that you have, contacting a professional or consultant for advice may be in your best interest….

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What’s That Noise? | Garage Door Repair

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Garage doors can be tricky. Sometimes garage door repairs are obvious, and other times they may be impossible to spot. Some homeowners recently had some issues identifying a weird noise that their garage door was making. Our first recommendation would be to lubricate all the moving parts of the garage door opener. But sometimes, even after all that work, the noises remain. This usually means there’s a structural issue that needs handled, and most likely that structural issue involves the garage door springs. We sound like a broken record when we tell people that their springs need replaced, but it’s…

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It’s That Time of Year | Garage Door Repair Season

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As the weather gets colder, it’s more likely that the metal parts of your garage door are going to expand and contract like crazy. You may hear us talking a lot about garage door springs, broken cables, or faulty rollers, but that’s because we’re entering the time of year when people need help with garage door repairs the most. It’s a pain. We know. So we want to tell you about a few ways to prevent your garage door from malfunctioning in the cold weather. Now, we can’t guarantee that these things will cure any garage door winter problem, but…

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Pilot… About Us

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My name is Jeff Mays… and I’m simple. That line never worked while staring into pretty blue eyes.  But it has worked for me in business. I’m not a genius.  I’m not a superhero.  I love to dance.  I look ugly doing it. And I’m really obsessed with garage doors. I started this little Garage Door business named Deluxe Door Systems in Columbus, Ohio twenty years ago.  I can’t even remember why we named it that.  But I do remember working with my hands to the bone because I crazy loved it.  I think I learned that from my grandfather. …

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