Insulated Garage Door | Perks for ALL Weather

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Insulated garage doors don’t sound that glamorous, but they might be the best and most underrated thing you could do for your garage, your home, in any weather. Next time you reach for the thermostat, whether there’s an unexpected chill or it’s crazy muggy out – think about this: An insulated garage door helps with climate control in your home. Our 3 Top Reasons to Get an Insulated Garage Door: Climate Control: Not only does an insulated garage door keep your garage temperature more manageable, but it helps protect the “buffer zone” between your house and the outdoors. People often…

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summer garage door maintenance

Summer Garage Door Maintenance – Things to Check

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Summer is great for getting outside, cracking those bikes and basketballs out of the garage, and planning as many cookouts as possible. But as you’re in and out, there are a few things to check in your garage that can be affected by humidity and sunlight. While springs, cables, and rollers tend to need repair in the winter, the summer  tends to give us some different issues. Summer Garage Door Maintenance Issues SENSOR MALFUNCTION. Direct sun can sometimes make your sensors think that something is obstructing your garage door when there’s nothing there. Kind of annoying, we know. Thankfully, we have…

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Replacing torsion springs doesn't have to break your schedule.

Torsion Springs Don’t Have to Ruin Your Week

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Torsion springs are the most common garage door repair we run into in Columbus. They slide into a bar above your door, unlike their sister springs (extension springs) that are on the sides of the opening. Good news is – we know how to handle both. Torsion springs tend to wear down because of changes in temperature. The hot summer humidity and the frigid snow days in the winter will cause them to rust and warp. How to Tell if You Need to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs If you’re not sure if your torsion springs are broken or not,…

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spotting a garage door scam before it's too late

Spotting a Garage Door Scam

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Turns out that Tim Patterson, a leading garage door technician for Garage Door Services (GDS), was “bound over for trial in San Diego Superior Court on nine counts of felony residential burglary and nine counts of theft, most of which are felonies,” according to Door + Access Systems magazine just this spring. It’s crazy how spotting a garage door scam can be easier than you’d think! So how exactly do you identify them? Anyone can have a great website and some big promises, but there’s so much more to a business than that.   Comb Through Reviews Any website can look…

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Crooked Garage Doors 101

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Ah yes, the classic crooked garage door gap. Nothing like that sinking feeling in your stomach when you watch your garage door hit the ground crooked. Might as well put up an “Animal Shelter” sign while you’re at it, considering you’ll probably come home to eight mice and a raccoon waiting for you. There are a couple reasons you’re running into this problem, but whatever the reason, we hate to shoot you straight – it’s time to call the experts (that’s us, in case you’re wondering). Why Your Garage Door is Crooked If you have a wooden garage door, the bottom panel could…

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Garage Door Scam in Columbus Ohio

Jeff Mays: Hater of Garage Door Scams

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Here’s a garage door scam to watch out for. One that makes the hair on the back of Jeff’s neck stand up straight. All over the internet, you’ll see ads for garage door services. Lorrie Nelville recently got caught in the trap when she dished out about $700 to a company who doesn’t even exist. She described her experience as “a mess.” After hearing all this, investigators decided to go undercover to expose those sneaky rats. And they started their scam investigation in Grove City, OH. Investigators installed cameras for an appointment with Grove City Garage Door Inc., which had an…

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Dear Winter Procrastinators…

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The Top 4 Winter Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY… or Have Us DFY (do for you). This time of year turns garage doors into monsters. Every day you pull in and out of your garage thinking: Man, I should really get around to that garage door repair before my door falls on my car. And every day you think: Meh, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Here’s your chance to be an anti-procrastination superhero. We’ve got four quick fixes/checkups that will keep your garage door running smoothly through the winter months. Stifle the Steven Tyler Scream. Ever notice how your garage door ends up sounding like…

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Getting Your Winter Repair Done Fast

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Insulated garage doors can drastically help with keeping your heating bill down. Plus it never hurts to have your garage a little toastier when you run out to get the frozen peas out of the big freezer. The temperature just dropped a ton this week, and it’s the time of year when even the most insulated of garage doors become problem children. Those higher R-Value doors can’t keep all the cold out, and inevitably that frigid air starts to wear on your springs, particularly as your garage door opens and closes. Think about all the times you open and close your garage door,…

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Replacing Weather Stripping Can Lower Your Heating Bill

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  Weather Stripping It’s finally cold in Ohio, and sadly there probably won’t be another 70 degree day until mid-spring at least. If the battle to keep the heat off till the last possible moment was finally lost to your wife and her 13 sweaters, maybe you can try another way to keep the heating bills from going up. Cold air gets in from everywhere – including the garage. But you can fix that, and sometimes it’s not even about insulating your garage. We’re talking about the weather stripping on your garage door – the seal that keeps that frigid…

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Wood Garage Door Repair

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Wood garage doors have a grounding, warming effect on a house. So much of our modern design has so much metal incorporated, and people are continuously using wood to warm up the interior and exterior of their homes. That may be the reason you have a wood garage door, or it could be that back in the day, that’s pretty much all they offered. If you’re one of those warm, wooden garage door owners, here are a couple things you should be aware of when it comes to wood garage door repair. Warping. One of the biggest changes old garage…

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