How to paint your garage door the right way.

How to Paint a Garage Door

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Sometimes your house could use a facelift, but your garage door isn’t to the point where you want to replace it yet. At that point, is a new coat of paint on your garage door a good option? We hear that question a lot, and the answer is yes. People often forget how much your garage door effects your home’s curb appeal – updating your garage door can literally make it look like a new house. Our manufacturer Clopay has a lot of great tips for how to paint your garage door, and we’ve done some digging for you too. Painting your garage…

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Spring Garage Door Maintenance You Should Know About

Spring Garage Door Maintenance

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Ohio weather has been bouncing like a spring – and your garage door springs may be complaining. With sunshine outside, it feels a little springy even though it’s not officially upon us. We think it’s the perfect excuse to get a head start on any spring cleaning and maintenance – including the garage!   Here are a few things you should include in your (pre) spring garage door maintenance list: Reorganize the garage. It’s supposed to be nice, but not so warm you’ll break a sweat – so it’s the perfect time to shift, sweep, reorganize, or declutter, so you…

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Lubricant Tips for Cold Garage Doors

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Well, it’s cold again. We sometimes get cranky about the cold weather, and garage doors do too. That’s when we normally grab the lubricant and spray like mad.  Nobody wants to get home one day and find the garage door just won’t move. But here’s a lubricant tip some people forget: When it gets cold, your garage door sometimes has trouble going up and down. This can be from a variety of things, but often, it’s simply because metal contracts in cold weather. This causes many of the metal pieces in your garage door to seize up or slow down. …

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Come here when your garage door needs replaced.

When You’ve Got An Old Garage Door

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How to Tell if Your Garage Door Needs Replaced It's hard to know when to let go. If you're like us here at Deluxe Door Systems, you value quality and long-lasting stuff, so getting something replaced takes a lot of thought. Unless your garage door is hanging sideways in its frame, it can be hard to know when to dish out the extra money to buy a new one. Here are some signs it may be time to replace your garage door: You've seen us way too often this year.  There's a chance this isn't your first repair rodeo. While...
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Garage Door Scam in Columbus Ohio

Jeff Mays: Hater of Garage Door Scams

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Here’s a garage door scam to watch out for. One that makes the hair on the back of Jeff’s neck stand up straight. All over the internet, you’ll see ads for garage door services. Lorrie Nelville recently got caught in the trap when she dished out about $700 to a company who doesn’t even exist. She described her experience as “a mess.” After hearing all this, investigators decided to go undercover to expose those sneaky rats. And they started their scam investigation in Grove City, OH. Investigators installed cameras for an appointment with Grove City Garage Door Inc., which had an…

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Dear Winter Procrastinators…

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The Top 4 Winter Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY… or Have Us DFY (do for you). This time of year turns garage doors into monsters. Every day you pull in and out of your garage thinking: Man, I should really get around to that garage door repair before my door falls on my car. And every day you think: Meh, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Here’s your chance to be an anti-procrastination superhero. We’ve got four quick fixes/checkups that will keep your garage door running smoothly through the winter months. Stifle the Steven Tyler Scream. Ever notice how your garage door ends up sounding like…

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Getting Your Winter Repair Done Fast

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Insulated garage doors can drastically help with keeping your heating bill down. Plus it never hurts to have your garage a little toastier when you run out to get the frozen peas out of the big freezer. The temperature just dropped a ton this week, and it’s the time of year when even the most insulated of garage doors become problem children. Those higher R-Value doors can’t keep all the cold out, and inevitably that frigid air starts to wear on your springs, particularly as your garage door opens and closes. Think about all the times you open and close your garage door,…

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Garage Door Tune-Ups Save You Money

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We’ve been having a weird mix of rainy days and Indian Summer (also, the Indians are in the World Series, say whaaa??) in with our October this year. Nobody likes to walk into the garage and realize it won’t open. With all the changing weather and winter soon ahead, now is the perfect time to slip in a garage door tune-up to alleviate some of the repairs that your garage door will need over time. It’s quick and painless, and it could save you a bad morning in the long run. Here’s a few things to check before the weather…

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Replace Your Garage Door Panel or Buy a New Door?

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nobody likes spending extra money when they don’t have to. So if you’ve only damaged one part of your garage door… don’t panic. A lot of people don’t know, but often you can simply buy a replacement section to repair your door, instead of replacing the whole thing. Here’s a few tips to get started: Most of the Clopay doors we carry have replacement sections available so long as they’re still being manufactured. So if we installed your garage door, we probably have the section you need! Regardless of your door, to order…

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Garage Door Maintenance | Five Tips for Fall

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Five Easy Tips for Fall Garage Maintenance The first day of fall is upon us! That snuck up quick, didn’t it? Seems like a lot of things that sneak up on us – like garage door maintenance. While it may not *seem* crazy high on the priority list right now, taking your garage door’s pulse now could save you from standing out in the dead of winter trying to revive it later. With the holidays, we all know it only gets crazier from here. Here are a few fall maintenance items to check that will only take a few minutes,…

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