Turn Your Garage Into a “Smart Garage”

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There are so many “smart” devices these days your head may be spinning. Smart cars, smart TVs, you may even be reading this on your smartphone. Our everyday life objects are more connected than ever. But have you ever thought about having a “smart” garage? With one simple tap on your smartphone, you can control your garage. This may seem unnecessary to you, but here are some reasons why it’s beneficial.   1. Did you remember to close your garage door or not? This sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? You reach your destination and panic strikes because you can’t…

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How to Enhance Your Garage Security

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Often times when homeowners are considering their home security they tend to overlook the importance of securing the garage. The garage tends to be used as a storage place for numerous valuable power tools, lawnmowers and your cars. Not only are their valuables in the garage but an attached garage could also allow easy access to the rest of your home. As many homeowners overlook this the garage door becomes an easy point in many homes security. Depending on the type of garage door that you have, contacting a professional or consultant for advice may be in your best interest….

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When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

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  Realizing you forgot to close the garage is the worst. Finding out your garage door won’t close can be a little more frustrating. Watching your garage door go up and down might make you feel as crazy as your neighbors think you look. Here’s two of the most common reasons your garage door might be balking at the thought of staying closed: Sensors. Did you know the sensors at the bottom of your garage door can get confused by direct sun? Yep. Which means the things that make sure your garage door doesn’t squash your son’s bike might be…

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Things You Should Know When Looking For A Garage Door

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You may not have heard or thought of Clopay garage doors before, but there’s a reason we use them. They’re one of the top trusted brands in the nation, and they know their stuff. Clopay garage doors have become better insulated to take on the cold weather, and have taken charge in manufacturing some of the best looking garage doors out there. Here are a few things you should know about garage doors, thanks to Angie’s List: If you’re thinking of learning more about garage doors, we have a showroom in Worthington we’d love for you to see. You can...
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Universal Remote Control & Keypad

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You may not need a new garage door yet, e yours is just old enough to need a new remote control and keypad installed. It’s frustrating trying to figure out what product will work for you, but luckily LiftMaster developed a universal garage door remote control and keyless entry. It’s compatible with 90% of garage doors made after 1993, which means the chances are looking pretty good for it to work on your garage door. Here’s a list of brands if you’d like to check the compatibility of your garage door: Chamberlain® Craftsman® Genie® LiftMaster® Linear/Moore-o-Matic® Overhead Door® Stanley® Wayne-Dalton®…

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Repair Malfunctioning Garage Door Sensor | Garage Door Repair

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With kids in and out for basketball practice, endless strands of Christmas lights and cords, and the dog running in and out of the garage, your garage door sensors can get knocked around pretty easily. The good news is that they’re also easy to put back in place. We found a great step-by-step way to check and see if your garage door won’t close because of a sensor error. First off, your sensors just may need cleaned off, so try to gently remove any dust or dirt first and see if that works. If that doesn’t work, it could be…

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My Garage Door Opener Light Isn’t Working | Garage Door Repair

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As if winter isn’t depressing enough, it’s even worse when you walk into the garage at 6pm and the garage door light doesn’t work. Your first and obvious thought is “I wonder if the bulb is out”. But it might be more than that. If you have tried replacing the light bulb in your garage door opener, but the light still won’t come on, it could be one of these three problems: contacts in the light socket, the light socket itself, or the logic board. Reading that was probably like reading hieroglyphics, but that’s okay. We’ll walk you through the…

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My Garage Door Just Crashed to the Ground | Garage Door Repair

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You want the bad news first? The bad news is that you can’t repair this on your own, and unfortunately it isn’t something you can ignore. Your garage door repair MUST be taken care of when your garage door just falls to the ground.   The good news is we’re 99% sure we know what the problem is without even stepping foot on your property. Unless there’s something unusual going on with your garage door, your garage door springs need replaced. Over time garage door springs get old and rusty, and that loud crash your garage door makes when it…

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When Your Garage Door Closes And Opens Right Back Up | Garage Door Repair

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Garage door “force and travel limits” may not ring a bell, but they’re really important to understand when it comes to garage door repair. Many of the garage door repairs out there require us to help you, but this one you may be able to handle by yourself if you’re willing to put in a little time. These limits we mentioned tell your garage door how far it needs to open and how far it needs to close. But like most things in life, you may find they stop working correctly.   You could be the person who has a…

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Why is my garage door opener beeping?

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There’s nothing quite as annoying as a constant beeping sound, especially if you don’t know the cause. If you hear a beeping noise from your garage door opener, there are a few different things you want to troubleshoot. The good news is that it probably isn’t something you’ll need to call in a pro for. Your garage door opener is just trying to communicate with you. Here are three things your garage door might be telling you: If you’re closing your door using your LiftMaster® timer-to-closer or MyQ® technology, the garage door opener will beep and lights will flash to let you know that the…

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