Make Your Garage Storm-Proof

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When most people think about protecting their home during a storm, they’re usually thinking about their roof and windows. But many times during storms, garage doors can take just as big of a beating. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has said that damage to garage doors is a major cause of storm damage to homes. Because of their size, garage doors are more likely to suffer from wind damage. And a busted garage door can let several inches of water into your home, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. So how can you make your garage storm-proof? Here are a…

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summer garage door maintenance

Summer Garage Door Maintenance – Things to Check

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Summer is great for getting outside, cracking those bikes and basketballs out of the garage, and planning as many cookouts as possible. But as you’re in and out, there are a few things to check in your garage that can be affected by humidity and sunlight. While springs, cables, and rollers tend to need repair in the winter, the summer  tends to give us some different issues. Summer Garage Door Maintenance Issues SENSOR MALFUNCTION. Direct sun can sometimes make your sensors think that something is obstructing your garage door when there’s nothing there. Kind of annoying, we know. Thankfully, we have…

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Lubricant Tips for Cold Garage Doors

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Well, it’s cold again. We sometimes get cranky about the cold weather, and garage doors do too. That’s when we normally grab the lubricant and spray like mad.  Nobody wants to get home one day and find the garage door just won’t move. But here’s a lubricant tip some people forget: When it gets cold, your garage door sometimes has trouble going up and down. This can be from a variety of things, but often, it’s simply because metal contracts in cold weather. This causes many of the metal pieces in your garage door to seize up or slow down. …

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Dear Winter Procrastinators…

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The Top 4 Winter Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY… or Have Us DFY (do for you). This time of year turns garage doors into monsters. Every day you pull in and out of your garage thinking: Man, I should really get around to that garage door repair before my door falls on my car. And every day you think: Meh, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Here’s your chance to be an anti-procrastination superhero. We’ve got four quick fixes/checkups that will keep your garage door running smoothly through the winter months. Stifle the Steven Tyler Scream. Ever notice how your garage door ends up sounding like…

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Replacing Weather Stripping Can Lower Your Heating Bill

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  Weather Stripping It’s finally cold in Ohio, and sadly there probably won’t be another 70 degree day until mid-spring at least. If the battle to keep the heat off till the last possible moment was finally lost to your wife and her 13 sweaters, maybe you can try another way to keep the heating bills from going up. Cold air gets in from everywhere – including the garage. But you can fix that, and sometimes it’s not even about insulating your garage. We’re talking about the weather stripping on your garage door – the seal that keeps that frigid…

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Garage Door Tune-Ups Save You Money

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We’ve been having a weird mix of rainy days and Indian Summer (also, the Indians are in the World Series, say whaaa??) in with our October this year. Nobody likes to walk into the garage and realize it won’t open. With all the changing weather and winter soon ahead, now is the perfect time to slip in a garage door tune-up to alleviate some of the repairs that your garage door will need over time. It’s quick and painless, and it could save you a bad morning in the long run. Here’s a few things to check before the weather…

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Garage Door Maintenance | Five Tips for Fall

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Five Easy Tips for Fall Garage Maintenance The first day of fall is upon us! That snuck up quick, didn’t it? Seems like a lot of things that sneak up on us – like garage door maintenance. While it may not *seem* crazy high on the priority list right now, taking your garage door’s pulse now could save you from standing out in the dead of winter trying to revive it later. With the holidays, we all know it only gets crazier from here. Here are a few fall maintenance items to check that will only take a few minutes,…

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How Humidity And Sunlight Can Affect Your Garage Door | Garage Door Repair

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Humidity and sunlight can affect your garage door more than you might think. While the common garage door repair problems we come in contact with (springs, cables, and rollers) happen during the winter months, the summer can still take a beating to your garage door system. Here are some garage door repairs you may run into during the spring and summer and ways you can fix/prevent them: Direct Sun Rays can actually make the sensors on your garage door think that something is obstructing the opening of your garage… That’s the fancy way of saying that “the little things that make the…

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How to Prevent Your Springs from Wearing Out | Garage Door Repair

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Most people think that the garage door opener does the heavy lifting when your door slides up and down, but the garage door springs are the things that take the beating every day. That’s why garage door spring repair and replacement is the #1 garage door problem we run into year after year. We especially see garage door spring repairs spike during the cold winter months. Here’s what’s actually happening to your springs and what you can do to prevent them from wearing out quickly. Just like human beings, garage door springs get tired after years of work. An average…

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Repair Malfunctioning Garage Door Sensor | Garage Door Repair

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With kids in and out for basketball practice, endless strands of Christmas lights and cords, and the dog running in and out of the garage, your garage door sensors can get knocked around pretty easily. The good news is that they’re also easy to put back in place. We found a great step-by-step way to check and see if your garage door won’t close because of a sensor error. First off, your sensors just may need cleaned off, so try to gently remove any dust or dirt first and see if that works. If that doesn’t work, it could be…

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