How to Enhance Your Garage Security

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Often times when homeowners are considering their home security they tend to overlook the importance of securing the garage. The garage tends to be used as a storage place for numerous valuable power tools, lawnmowers and your cars. Not only are their valuables in the garage but an attached garage could also allow easy access to the rest of your home. As many homeowners overlook this the garage door becomes an easy point in many homes security. Depending on the type of garage door that you have, contacting a professional or consultant for advice may be in your best interest….

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cold weather

How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door – One week we complain about how hot September is, and before you know it, October brings forty degree weather and some home repair pains along with it. The following are a few things that might not take the cold weather as well as you this winter: Door Frame Your garage door frame warps when there’s increased moisture and when swelling of the wood occurs. Hot to cold, cold to hot, hot to cold… your garage door frame is bound to run into some issues during weather changes. Some common symptoms of your…

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Dear Winter Procrastinators…

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The Top 4 Winter Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY… or Have Us DFY (do for you). This time of year turns garage doors into monsters. Every day you pull in and out of your garage thinking: Man, I should really get around to that garage door repair before my door falls on my car. And every day you think: Meh, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Here’s your chance to be an anti-procrastination superhero. We’ve got four quick fixes/checkups that will keep your garage door running smoothly through the winter months. Stifle the Steven Tyler Scream. Ever notice how your garage door ends up sounding like…

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Driving Through Your Garage Door

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We have customers who drive through their garage doors. They’re typically not morning people. A guy recently drove straight through his garage door…for a second time. He was mortified. We’d helped him the very first time he did it, and he called us back. While we never wish for people to drive through a wood or steel wall with their car, we are happy when they call us. It tells us we’re doing something right. Luckily we do same-day, Columbus emergency garage door repairs and installations. We even fix the molding around your garage door in case you wipe that…

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Emergency Garage Door Service (When You Drive Through Your Garage)

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It’s more common than you think to drive through your garage or garage door. Lucky for you, Deluxe Door Systems offers emergency garage door service. So when you see the damage and start to panic, DON’T. We got the call for this garage door fiasco and repaired it all in the same day. Our team doesn’t just make repairs to your garage door opener after the accident’s happened. We fix the frame. Our guys are all-around Bob Vila’s when it comes to that stuff, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re going to have to contact multiple sources. We do it…

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When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

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  Realizing you forgot to close the garage is the worst. Finding out your garage door won’t close can be a little more frustrating. Watching your garage door go up and down might make you feel as crazy as your neighbors think you look. Here’s two of the most common reasons your garage door might be balking at the thought of staying closed: Sensors. Did you know the sensors at the bottom of your garage door can get confused by direct sun? Yep. Which means the things that make sure your garage door doesn’t squash your son’s bike might be…

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Commercial Garage Door Emergency Repair

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  When you have a commercial garage door emergency repair or you need a new commercial garage door, you don’t want to skimp on it. We know what you’re thinking. That’s easy for you to say. We say it because the last thing you want at your company is a garage door that doesn’t work, or a garage door that works but is bound to crash, malfunction, or break down after minimal use.  When you’re constantly sending the garage door up and down multiple times every day, you’re going to run into some problems. That’s exactly why you don’t want to mess around…

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Super Fast Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Emergency Service

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We get stuff done fast because we’ve been doing Columbus garage door repair and maintenance for over 20 years. When springs go bad, rollers get old, and weather stripping slides off, we come prepared for it all and get it all done quickly. When you’re looking for a super fast garage door repair or garage door emergency service, give us a call. If you don’t believe us, check out this review we got on Angie’s List and see how we were able to get this woman’s garage door repair request finished in 24 hours. We give huge amounts of attention even…

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How to Prevent Your Springs from Wearing Out | Garage Door Repair

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Most people think that the garage door opener does the heavy lifting when your door slides up and down, but the garage door springs are the things that take the beating every day. That’s why garage door spring repair and replacement is the #1 garage door problem we run into year after year. We especially see garage door spring repairs spike during the cold winter months. Here’s what’s actually happening to your springs and what you can do to prevent them from wearing out quickly. Just like human beings, garage door springs get tired after years of work. An average…

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A Garage Door Scam To Watch Out For

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A great way to spot a scam is to compare a lot of different quotes from garage door companies and see if any seem just plain outrageous, but we actually have an even better tip for you. According to a recent article from the garage door magazine Door + Access Systems (remember, we’re garage door geeks), there are some garage door companies out there who are scamming you. And we have a name for one of them. Or 52+ names, rather. Yep, 52. According to the article, a garage door company that started out as AA Able Overhead Door just…

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