How to paint your garage door the right way.

How to Paint a Garage Door

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Sometimes your house could use a facelift, but your garage door isn’t to the point where you want to replace it yet. At that point, is a new coat of paint on your garage door a good option? We hear that question a lot, and the answer is yes. People often forget how much your garage door effects your home’s curb appeal – updating your garage door can literally make it look like a new house. Our manufacturer Clopay has a lot of great tips for how to paint your garage door, and we’ve done some digging for you too. Painting your garage…

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Four Reasons You Should Get a New Garage Door

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  Lets keep it real. Who wouldn’t want a fancy new garage door? And a big screen TV. And one of those big new couches that wraps around the room 3.7 times. And plenty of other things.   But here are FOUR reasons why buying a new garage door from us might not be such a bad idea…     #1 – Outrageously Good Return on Investment Say you have a $200,000 house.  And spend $60,000 on a major kitchen overhaul.  Sweet – nice kitchen. Studies show that if you sold that house immediately following, you’d get about 65% of your $60,000 back when you…

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Windows on Garage Door

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Adding windows to your garage doors can make a huge impact. These Lewis Center homeowners chose carriage-style Clopay garage doors with windows, and you can see how their decision added some serious curb appeal. Unless you hate Vitamin D and shiny bright light, why not add some to your garage doors, too? Windows make garages seem more like extra living space, and they help create balance. When we say balance, we simply mean symmetry. When you see a house with windows and then a giant box with a big wooden slab (also known as your garage door) attached to it,…

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