Garage Door Screen | Summer Prep

Garage Door Screen: Have you heard of them?

We have news for you: Garage Door Screen.

We’re all itching for warm weather, being outside, getting those projects done – and if you find yourself working in the garage, hosting parties outside, or letting the kids play, you tend to find your garage door open a lot as well.

We tend to find that people either don’t know they exist or love them. And what’s really great about getting a garage door screen is that there are types to fit every need and budget.

We’ve seen a garage door screen used in so many ways, we thought we’d share some spring inspiration for how you could spend your summer:

  • Protect your garage workspace. Summer brings our favorite friends: bugs. So if you work on a lot of projects in your garage, whether you’re trying to keep things from crawling all over your paint job or you – a simple garage door screen can keep pests out, and still let the breeze in.
  • Create the perfect back yard party space. This is a cool idea. We’ve seen people update their garage or shed to be an outdoor entertainment space. Imagine grilling and hanging out by the shed-no-longer-a-shed. Fire pit not included.
  • Modernize your home. A cool trend that we’ve loved is the idea of putting in a garage door instead of your average sliding door to maximize your ability to connect your indoor and outdoor space. We love the idea of pairing a modern, glass garage door with a great garage door screen. Having a door like that can make the kitchen and the patio feel like being in the same room, and it makes a great entertaining space.

Check out some pictures and examples here! No matter what you’re planning on doing this summer, a garage door screen could be the perfect thing for you. If you have any questions about screens or new garage doors as you think about your space, or if you have some repair work that needs done – give us a call! We can help pick out the perfect product for you, and our repairs are always done fast and honest, the way you deserve.

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