Old-Fashioned Garage Door with New-Fashioned Quality

Old Fashioned Garage Door Style with a New Fashioned Build

Old-fashioned charm will never go away. Something about it reminds you of trips to the grandparents’ house, chocolate chip cookies, and in general…HOME. It’s a beautiful thing when your house can calm you down, even before you pull your car in the garage. If your garage door tends to make you cringe, it may be time for an overhaul.

One of our best-selling and most beautiful types of garage doors is our Canyon Ridge Collection. Clopay (our garage door manufacturer) got smart and decided to capture the old-fashioned garage door feel by styling their garage doors off of old fashioned gates. Most garages would swing open instead of lift up. We’re spoiled rotten these days with automatic openers and backup batteries. Imagine crawling out of your car to manually open your beast of a garage door. (Okay, we’ll get off our soap box now.)

Back to the Canyon Ridge Collection. The old-fashioned garage door style you see in the picture above may not be your favorite thing. Perhaps you’d want to customize it a little more. Good news is that’s super easy.

Old-Fashioned Garage Door | Canyon Ridge Style

Here are just a couple examples of just how stunning the Canyon Ridge collection can be below. Whether you’re going for that old-fashioned garage door swinging open look, or you just want something rustic and cypress, we’ve got it all. You can change the style of windows, how many panes you want, the hardware, the color, the finish, the wood-look, etc. There really isn’t anything you won’t have a say in when you get this garage door.

Obviously old-fashioned garage doors used to be the worst when it came to insulation. Just a wooden barrier between your garage and the outdoors would’ve made for some cold nights and hot summer days. Luckily we can give you the old-fashioned garage door feel with Intellicore technology to make your garage so insulated your energy bills will go down.

We’re hoping you love this collection as much as us, and we’d be happy to install a new garage door for you whenever you want. Just give us a call! We service the entire Columbus belt, in and out, and we’d be happy to earn your business.

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What Our Customers are Saying:

The installer was on time and did a great job. Everything was cleaned up and hauled away. When we got home, the new garage doors looked wonderful and work well!

Old-fashioned garage doors can give your home the warmth it needs.