Organize Your Garage for Summer Sports

organize your garage

Prepping all your kids for their various sports is no small task. Keeping all their game dates, practices, and who’s bringing snack this week straight is hard enough. Keeping track of their equipment… shouldn’t have to be. We looked up some of our favorite ideas to organize your garage for sports equipment. Check it out!

A few ideas to organize your garage:

  • BALL CLAW. Ok let’s be real, this is way better than digging in a bin for your kids soccer ball because it has to be in there somewhere. He can just swipe it off the wall on his way to the van.
  • USE THE STUDS. If your garage is unfinished, simply nailing some boards across the studs creates awesome storage space between them. Great for bats now, and rakes in the fall.
  • Pegboard can make it really easy to mount extra shelving, hang up helmets, etc.
  • Hang it from the ceiling! If you’re running out of space, consider mounting hooks or even a shelving unit from the garage ceiling. You can hang bikes or put away boxes of gear that aren’t being used currently.

Do you find yourself hanging out in your garage a lot while the kids take over the yard?
If you organize your garage and still want to take it up a notch, here’s a few ways you could make it even better:

  • Get a garage door screen. It keeps the bugs out while still giving you access to that perfect breeze. You can make your garage have more of a screened in porch feel.
  • Paint the garage floor. Not only does this make it look clean and even, it also makes it easier to clean and can protect your garage from mildew. Win-win for you, and the kiddos.

Summer ain’t got nothing on you when you organize your garage! Bring on those soccer games. And if your garage needs an update, or you hear it rattling like you know it shouldn’t – give us a call. We’re a 24-hour garage door repair company servicing around the I-270 belt in Columbus and areas like Dublin, Worthington, Lewis Center, Powell, and many, many more! We’ll be there in no time.

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