Prohibition Gastro Lounge | Powell, OH

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We do countless residential garage door installations, but what many people don’t know is we love working with local businesses to give them the outdoor patio space they’re dreaming of. For this commercial garage door installation, Deluxe Door Systems installed Clopay’s Avante glass garage doors to provide optimum light during the day and an open floor plan during the warmer months for Prohibition Gastro Lounge. Glass garage doors also added a modern touch and the ability to increase the amount of easily accessible entertaining space. Among Prohibition, Deluxe Door Systems has had the honor of installing Avante glass garage doors…

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Deluxe Door Systems in the Community

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You may have seen some garage doors around the area that we helped install. If you drove by Seventh Son Brewing, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, or Prohibition Gastro Lounge in Powell, you’ve seen some of our installations. But this time we took a turn in helping out  the Friends of Berlin Performing Arts at Olentangy Berlin High School by helping build their concession stand. Deluxe Door Systems’ dream is to become an integrated resource in the community. We love this city, and we’re dedicated to knowing it better and serving it well. If you have any garage door needs or concerns,…

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new garage door columbus

See New Garage Doors Before You Buy

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Visualizing a garage door on your house can be difficult. We’ve heard stories of people buying new garage doors that just don’t look quite right, either in color or in style. It’s a big decision, and we’re happy to say we have two easy ways you see what your garage door looks like before you buy it. The Tech-Savvy Way with Clopay Our manufacturer, Clopay, has something called the Clopay Door Imagination System. All you do is upload a picture of your home, and you can plug different versions of garage doors into the system to see what they’ll look…

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Commercial Garage Doors Columbus

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Commercial garage doors are beasts. They’re heavy, sturdy, and meant to last. At Deluxe Door Systems, we do so much more than residential garage door installation and repair. We have installed some amazing commercial doors in Columbus, and you might have seen some of them. Just stop by Seventh Son Brewing downtown to see for yourself. From glass patio garage doors like those, to heavy-duty steel doors that go through intense wear and tear, we do it all. It can be overwhelming to figure out how and where to get a commercial garage door. Before you know it, a truck backs…

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How to Make Your Garage Door Opener Stop Beeping

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Yesterday, your garage door was working perfectly fine – and then all of a sudden, the door opener starts beeping! That constant beeping can get pretty frustrating when you don’t know the cause or how to get it to stop. If this is happening to you, the good news is that you can usually stop the beeping on your own without having to call in the professionals. Here are a few reasons why your garage door opener might be beeping: 1. If you’re using a Liftmaster timer-to-close or other similar technology, the garage door opener will beep to indicate when…

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Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool in the Summer

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It’s not officially summer yet, but the heat has made it seem like it is. Garages are notorious for becoming unbearably hot in the summer. Whether you’re just spending time in your garage to park the car or you spend a lot of time working in there, it’s important to keep your garage cool as the heat continues to rise. Below are some helpful tips to help cool down your garage this summer. Weatherstripping At the bottom of your garage door there should be weatherstripping that seals the gap between the door and the floor. As time goes by, this…

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Now Hiring | Garage Door Job Openings

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We’re looking for good people who want to feel good about their job, where they work, and where they’re going. And we’re looking for good people who have experience in the world of garage doors or garage door installation. I’m a keep it real kind of guy. So here we go… My name is Jeff Mays. I’ve owned this garage door company called Deluxe Door Systems for over 20-years now. Garage Doors is what I do. I care about it. I work hard at it. And the reality is… our garage door company is thriving. We can’t keep up with the business. And we…

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Modern Garage Doors are a Great Investment

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Now that the warm weather is finally here to stay, you might be thinking about doing some home repairs and updates. Maybe even replacing that old garage door you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Did you know that getting a new garage door is actually one of the best investments you can make for your home? According to Remodeling magazine, you’ll get back an average of 98.3% of what you spend on a garage door. That’s a better ROI than pretty much any other home improvement project! We offer a huge selection of Clopay garage doors – you can start your search here. Here’s one of…

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Common Garage Door Problems

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Worrying about your garage door typically isn’t a priority until something goes wrong. The great news is it’s actually pretty easy to make sure that it’s working properly by doing a visual inspection every two months or so and lubricating the major parts two times a year. If you notice a problem while you’re doing one of your visual checks, we’ve compiled a list of the most common garage door problems. This will help you determine whether you can fix the issue yourself or to give us a call to make the necessary repairs. The Door Opens or Closes with…

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Is It Worth Getting a New Garage Door?

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It’s a classic dilemma: “Should I buy a new one, or try to make the old one last longer?” We all face that choice at some point; maybe with a car or a house. Sometimes it makes sense to wait a little longer to replace something, and other times it can be more risky to put off a necessary upgrade. The same goes for your garage door. Many garage doors – especially our Clopay doors – are built to last for a long time. But eventually, they’ll need replaced, too. So is it worth getting a new garage door right now?…

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