Garage Door Replacement Ranked #1 for ROI

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It’s so close to spring, and that means for all of you who are thinking about upgrading some things around your home – NOW’S THE TIME! We’ve got a pretty great idea for you, and there’s sound logic to back it up. By all means, plant some flowers, paint the exterior of your house, and seal those cracks on your driveway. But here’s a change that will make a huge impact and give you all the ROI you can dream of. Here’s some proof for you: “In the new 2018 Cost vs. Value Report (, an upscale garage door replacement*…

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Transform Your Home without Breaking the Bank

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Everyone wants their home to look like a million bucks – but who wants to pay a million bucks? Maybe you cringe when you think about how much it would cost to do some home renovations. And a lot of renovations can be really expensive, like remodeling your bathroom or your kitchen. But not all home projects have to break the bank. Sometimes small upgrades like a fresh coat of paint or new furniture can transform the whole look of your house. And if you’re looking to do some renovations that add value to your home, low-cost projects typically give you a higher ROI…

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Your Garage Before & After

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Before & After pictures are addicting to look at. They catch our eye because we love seeing ugly things become pretty. Remember  ABC’S Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition where houses get completely overhauled? Or really any HGTV show these days where a homeowner’s dream home becomes a reality? We LOVE these kinds of shows, because 1) they show us change is possible, and 2) because we imagine what it would be like if our dreams came true. Whether or not you have boatloads of money sitting around for home makeovers or not, there’s a small Before & After project that may make more…

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Updating Steel Garage Doors

Updating Your Garage Door

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Updating to the Contemporary Style It’s cold and dreary out there, and updating your garage door may be just the thing you house needs to beat the winter blues. Even though it’s the season for garage door repair (which, by the way, if you’ve got one, we’re stupid good at fixing it), we’re still installing new garage doors for people. Steel garage doors are extremely popular, and with the modern swing our culture is taking, it’s a great addition to contemporary homes. These homeowners chose “the Modern Steel Collection garage door for its energy-efficient 18.4 R-value, custom window placement, and Clopay’s Color Blast…

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Garage Door ROI Might Surprise You

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Who ever thinks about garage door ROI? Most of us slap a bland color on a flat garage door and call it a day. It’s not our fault. We’ve been told do to that, because garage doors are only functional, right? WRONG. Your garage door may be the very first thing someone sees when they look at your house. That curb appeal not only helps your home’s value, it helps make it seem a notch above the rest. While getting a new garage door may seem like an upgrade that isn’t high on your priority list, it should be. When investing in…

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Garage Door Update In Upper Arlington

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Deluxe Door Systems recently did a garage door update in Upper Arlington in place of an old garage door that was both outdated and poorly functioning. Really it was more of a complete overhaul. We installed a brand new opener and a brand new Clopay garage door to improve functionality. It looks like whoever built this garage to begin with bought into the myth of sliding doors. You get excited because you don’t have to worry about swinging a door in and out to conserve space, but then you realize you can only have one door open at a time. Not to…

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