Turn Your Garage Into More than a Storage Room

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Everyone has that one junk drawer they just can’t seem to get organized. Soon enough, that drawer becomes a junk box, which then becomes several junk boxes that end up in a closet. Many times we give up trying to sort it all out, so we shove it into the garage for storage. Before you know it, your whole garage can turn into one big junk drawer that you can’t even park your car in. But your garage can be so much more than that! Imagine all the space you could use for tailgating, DIY projects, and a play area…

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Organize Your Garage for Summer Sports

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Prepping all your kids for their various sports is no small task. Keeping all their game dates, practices, and who’s bringing snack this week straight is hard enough. Keeping track of their equipment… shouldn’t have to be. We looked up some of our favorite ideas to organize your garage for sports equipment. Check it out! A few ideas to organize your garage: BALL CLAW. Ok let’s be real, this is way better than digging in a bin for your kids soccer ball because it has to be in there somewhere. He can just swipe it off the wall on his way…

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Cleaning Your Garage Door Windows

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Most of us put off cleaning something because it seems like too much work. And cleaning your garage door windows just sounds stressful. Thankfully, our garage door manufacturer Clopay doesn’t like stress, either. If you have a Clopay door, you can clean your windows in just three easy steps! Step 1: Removing window inserts. Find the tabs around each of the snap-out window inserts. There should be four of them around each window insert. Remove them and pull the insert out of the window. Step 2: Cleaning windows. Rinse with a little bit of warm water to get rid of…

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Tips to Organize Your Garage

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We’re sending our kids back to school and buckling down for fall. Summer isn’t quite over, but the breeze is starting to get that cool edge that remind you that sweaters and pumpkin spice everything is around the corner. Summer has its own set of priorities—free time and parties and projects and yard games. If your garage is anything like ours, your kids have chucked shoes and tossed pool noodles and you’ve tripped over bikes and tackled all kinds of projects and… where is that screwdriver again? Cold weather doesn’t have to be unpleasant, but you don’t exactly want to…

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Do Something Special for Dad this Fathers Day

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As a garage door company, we are obsessed with garage doors – with installing new garage doors, repairing broken garage doors, or cleaning up the mess your teenager left when he blew through the garage door with his car. Sometimes we forget that we actually create another room when we install a new garage door, and in many homes, this extra room is the ultimate man cave. Tools, chain saws, cars, and all things man. Here are a few ideas on how to treat your Dad this Father’s Day: Detailing Dad’s car:  For many of you, you may not actually…

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10 Tips to Impress Mom with a Clean Garage this Mothers Day

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We have a step-by-step plan on how you can treat your Mom to a squeaky-clean garage this Mother’s Day. The garage can be one of the most overlooked rooms in the house, and it’s certainly the one that Moms just don’t have the time for during the busy work week. Here’s your chance to make her feel loved. An important note before you start: You may want to go ahead and throw yard work in as an extra perk for Mom. Landscaping breeds messy garages, so try to get it out of the way before you start cleaning. Get rid…

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