Prohibition Gastro Lounge | Powell, OH

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We do countless residential garage door installations, but what many people don’t know is we love working with local businesses to give them the outdoor patio space they’re dreaming of. For this commercial garage door installation, Deluxe Door Systems installed Clopay’s Avante glass garage doors to provide optimum light during the day and an open floor plan during the warmer months for Prohibition Gastro Lounge. Glass garage doors also added a modern touch and the ability to increase the amount of easily accessible entertaining space. Among Prohibition, Deluxe Door Systems has had the honor of installing Avante glass garage doors…

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Commercial Garage Doors Columbus

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Commercial garage doors are beasts. They’re heavy, sturdy, and meant to last. At Deluxe Door Systems, we do so much more than residential garage door installation and repair. We have installed some amazing commercial doors in Columbus, and you might have seen some of them. Just stop by Seventh Son Brewing downtown to see for yourself. From glass patio garage doors like those, to heavy-duty steel doors that go through intense wear and tear, we do it all. It can be overwhelming to figure out how and where to get a commercial garage door. Before you know it, a truck backs…

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Commercial Garage Door Emergency Repair

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  When you have a commercial garage door emergency repair or you need a new commercial garage door, you don’t want to skimp on it. We know what you’re thinking. That’s easy for you to say. We say it because the last thing you want at your company is a garage door that doesn’t work, or a garage door that works but is bound to crash, malfunction, or break down after minimal use.  When you’re constantly sending the garage door up and down multiple times every day, you’re going to run into some problems. That’s exactly why you don’t want to mess around…

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Maintaining a Commercial Garage Door in Columbus

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People who own a commercial business know how important commercial garage doors are. They’re the main way to get products and people in and out, and each day, those busy Columbus commercial garage doors take a lot of wear and tear. The constant up and down motion, combined with fluctuating Ohio temperatures, starts to wreak havoc on not only the garage door, but also the owner’s budget. Here are a few ways that commercial garage door owners can keep their doors up and running smoothly and avoid the cost of commercial garage door repair. One of the first steps is…

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Bexley Community Pool Garage Door Install

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Deluxe Door Systems gets to do some pretty cool community garage door jobs, like replacing a past-its-prime door in Bexley for the David H. Madison Community Pool. When you’re filtering in dozens of families each day, a garage door is a necessity for easy access to the pool. Families carrying tote bags of floaties and sunscreen don’t just fit through any old door. You need a lot of space to get all those swimmers in and out without getting caught in the breezeway. This Clopay Coachman garage door is practical, looks beautiful, and helps preserve the building interior. By installing…

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Commercial Door Repair | Truck vs. Door

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We get calls all the time when people drive their car through a garage door, but this call was special. We learned that a semi-truck decided to pick a fight with a commercial garage door in Columbus this week. It was declared the world’s shortest war. The door and the frame had been ripped to shreds during combat, so we had to do an emergency same-day service to install new steel jams and a brand new Clopay commercial garage door. If we hadn’t done a same-day repair, that gaping hole in the building might have welcomed some unwanted guests. The…

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