Turn Your Garage Into More than a Storage Room

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Everyone has that one junk drawer they just can’t seem to get organized. Soon enough, that drawer becomes a junk box, which then becomes several junk boxes that end up in a closet. Many times we give up trying to sort it all out, so we shove it into the garage for storage. Before you know it, your whole garage can turn into one big junk drawer that you can’t even park your car in. But your garage can be so much more than that! Imagine all the space you could use for tailgating, DIY projects, and a play area…

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Fixing Common Garage Door Issues

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A good garage door is a great investment for your home. Not only do they give you a fantastic ROI and transform the look of your home, but they’re built to last for many years – especially our collection of durable Clopay garage doors. However, even the best garage doors will eventually need some repairs. While you can avoid most major problems through preventative maintenance, you might still encounter an issue with your garage door at some point that you aren’t sure how to fix. And if you do, that’s okay – you can always give us a call! Repairing and replacing garage…

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Cleaning Your Garage Door Windows

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Cleaning your garage door windows sounds like a massive pain. Good news is that if you have a Clopay door, the likelihood is the crossbars in your windows pop out. So instead of cleaning all those tiny panels, you can make the process go quickly. According to our garage door manufacturer Clopay, you can clean your garage door windows with a mild dishwashing soap and a soft cloth. You’re not supposed to use a harsh solvent-based cleaner of any kind, like ones with ammonia. Those could actually affect the quality, color, or insulation of your windows. If you do have those…

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Can I Paint Or Stain My Garage Door? | Garage Door Curb Appeal

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Spring is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to be thinking about your home’s curb appeal. So many people ask us, “Can I paint or stain my garage door?” And the answer is yes! We’re glad you’re asking that question, because we think your garage door should look amazing at all times. According to our manufacturer, Clopay, “a front-facing garage door can be 40 percent of what people see from the curb.” That means that it’s a great thing to keep in shape as the years go by. Clopay has some great tips on painting or staining your…

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Garage Door Insulation | R-Value | Energy Efficiency

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This time of year you’re dreading that walk into the cold garage every morning to get in the car, or worse - looking for some obscure tool in your bare feet and wondering why you didn’t take the time to put your slippers on. Garage door R–value plays a big role in how warm your garage is, and how warm your garage is plays a big role in the energy efficiency of your home. Your garage is another room in the house, so why not have it insulated that way? According to Clopay, the top-grade garage door manufacturer we work with,...
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Universal Remote Control & Keypad

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You may not need a new garage door yet, e yours is just old enough to need a new remote control and keypad installed. It’s frustrating trying to figure out what product will work for you, but luckily LiftMaster developed a universal garage door remote control and keyless entry. It’s compatible with 90% of garage doors made after 1993, which means the chances are looking pretty good for it to work on your garage door. Here’s a list of brands if you’d like to check the compatibility of your garage door: Chamberlain® Craftsman® Genie® LiftMaster® Linear/Moore-o-Matic® Overhead Door® Stanley® Wayne-Dalton®…

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How To Set A Temporary Pin For Your Garage Door Keypad

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This time of year is an in-and-out time for families. So many people are traveling during the holidays, so it’s important to know how to set a temporary pin for your garage door keypad. Setting a temporary pin can be a really big help when you are leaving for a day and need someone to check on your pets, or if you just have someone stopping over to pick something up while you’re out. Here is a video with instructions on how to set a temporary pin, but if you’re more the reading type, here are some instructions from LiftMaster…

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Garage Door Repair | Changing Your Weather Stripping

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Something homeowners may not think about when it comes to cold weather garage door repair is weather stripping. At the base of your garage door is a long piece of weather stripping that seals your garage from cold weather, rain, and outdoor pests. When weather stripping gets old, it can let in cold air and even water or freezing rain. If water leaks underneath and freezes, your garage door could get stuck to the ground… or the weather stripping could tear off when you raise the door. Worst case scenario, some of the garage door parts could buckle in the…

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Maintaining a Commercial Garage Door in Columbus

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People who own a commercial business know how important commercial garage doors are. They’re the main way to get products and people in and out, and each day, those busy Columbus commercial garage doors take a lot of wear and tear. The constant up and down motion, combined with fluctuating Ohio temperatures, starts to wreak havoc on not only the garage door, but also the owner’s budget. Here are a few ways that commercial garage door owners can keep their doors up and running smoothly and avoid the cost of commercial garage door repair. One of the first steps is…

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Do Something Special for Dad this Fathers Day

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As a garage door company, we are obsessed with garage doors – with installing new garage doors, repairing broken garage doors, or cleaning up the mess your teenager left when he blew through the garage door with his car. Sometimes we forget that we actually create another room when we install a new garage door, and in many homes, this extra room is the ultimate man cave. Tools, chain saws, cars, and all things man. Here are a few ideas on how to treat your Dad this Father’s Day: Detailing Dad’s car:  For many of you, you may not actually…

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