Turn Your Garage Into More than a Storage Room

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Everyone has that one junk drawer they just can’t seem to get organized. Soon enough, that drawer becomes a junk box, which then becomes several junk boxes that end up in a closet. Many times we give up trying to sort it all out, so we shove it into the garage for storage. Before you know it, your whole garage can turn into one big junk drawer that you can’t even park your car in. But your garage can be so much more than that! Imagine all the space you could use for tailgating, DIY projects, and a play area…

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Garage Door Screens

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It's summertime, which means it's time for bugs, which means it's time for garage door screens. In the height of July, it's the perfect time to get a garage door screen to improve your time outdoors. Obviously garage door screens help people who do woodworking and other crafts or DIY in their garage during all hours of the day, but garage door screens come in handy particularly at night when you're having a garage football party. Let's be real folks, football season is basically HERE. There are some garage door screens that are retractable, where you can actually put it...
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