Restaurant Garage Doors

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The new Gahanna "Sports Bar for Foodies" The sports bar scene and brewery boom in Columbus has kept us busy installing glass restaurant garage doors the last 5 years. And business isn't slowing down. On June 27th, SuperChef's founder Darnell Ferguson launched his newest restaurant venture - Stadium Sports Bar - in Gahanna's Creekside Plaza. He refers to it as "a sports bar for foodies." The drool-worthy debate: Some of Stadium's most delicious features, in our obviously unbiased-garage-door-installer opinion, are the custom glass garage doors. But they'd be the first to argue that their best features are: Flaming Hot Mac...
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Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

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Choosing a new garage door might seem a little overwhelming at first. What style will look good on my house? And how do I know for sure the color will be right? The good news is, we've got some different styles to show you, along with some helpful ways you can have peace of mind when purchasing a new garage door. Find your look. We've assembled a lineup of Clopay garage doors to give you an idea of which styles you're drawn to. (Clopay is a leading manufacturer of drool-worthy garage doors in the U.S. Their garage doors are crazy...
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Prohibition Gastro Lounge | Powell, OH

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We do countless residential garage door installations, but what many people don’t know is we love working with local businesses to give them the outdoor patio space they’re dreaming of. For this commercial garage door installation, Deluxe Door Systems installed Clopay’s Avante glass garage doors to provide optimum light during the day and an open floor plan during the warmer months for Prohibition Gastro Lounge. Glass garage doors also added a modern touch and the ability to increase the amount of easily accessible entertaining space. Among Prohibition, Deluxe Door Systems has had the honor of installing Avante glass garage doors…

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Industrial Style Glass Garage Doors

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Glass garage doors didn’t get their start in the residential market. It all started when businesses took on the “industrial modern” look. When Epic Development started using industrial glass garage doors for commercial clients as they transformed their shabby spaces into downtown loft-like offices, homeowners caught wind and wanted the same look captured at home. These recent homeowners wanted a glass garage door that opened up their space and allowed them to look at the woods behind their home. You pay money for that yard, so why not open up a space to actually see it. Here are some things you…

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Outdoor Patio Ideas | Garage Door Partitions

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You'll want to check out this awesome game day outdoor patio idea. Maybe it's too big and bold for your taste, but maybe it's exactly what you're looking for. Who doesn't want a temperature controlled outdoor living space? In this cool Houzz find, you can see that homeowners got creative with garage doors. Instead of housing a car, they decided to house at big screen TV for entertaining in their backyard. It's good for safety, good for looks, and good for easy access. It's one of many awesome ideas that was provided by our manufacturer Clopay for outdoor patio decor. The...
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Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home And Front Lawn | New Garage Door

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There's something about an exterior facelift that gives a home some much needed mojo. All it takes are some good ideas on how to spruce up your home and front lawn, and maybe even your garage door. Check out these amazing Houzz curb appeal ideas and see if you can spot the Clopay Avante garage door collection that's sweeping the nation in one of these photos below. Just click the arrows at the bottom of each picture to see the small things you can do that pack a big punch. Front-Yard Makeover Ideas With Mojo Deluxe Door Systems installs new garage doors in...
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Before & After | New Garage Door

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Here’s a before and after of a new garage door in Columbus that made a great upgrade for this home in Lewis Center. Sometimes a garage door can give your home the facelift it needs to look good after a rough winter. There are so many garage door options and customizable features that can cater to your exact taste and preference. For instance, if you are a no-hassle, low-maintenance kind of family, you might want to check out getting a steel garage door. They’re the most popular and are easy to manage. If you wanna show off a bit, a…

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The Versatility Of Glass Garage Doors | New Garage Doors

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You may have seen more and more people purchasing glass garage doors. It’s a huge trend right now that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The versatility of glass garage doors is one of the most appealing factors when buying a new garage door. People aren’t just looking for a door that conceals their parked car. They’re looking for something that makes the space feel like another room in the house. Entertaining is one of the bigger garage door phenomenons lately. People have been using garages as entertaining spaces for game days and fun activities that they want to keep out…

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2016 Garage Door Trends

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So there’s this big show that happens every year called the International Builders’ Show, where a bunch of top-notch businesses display what’s trending in 2016. It’s a big opportunity for them not only to show off their quality products, but also to show off how modern they look. Clopay (our garage door manufacturer) attended the show just last week in Las Vegas, and with their new design for aluminum and glass garage doors, they fit right in. It’s cool to hear that Clopay is keeping up with the big dogs…and in a lot of cases, leading the pack. They’re doing...
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New Garage Doors Are An Investment

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Clopay’s most recent blog raves about how new garage doors end up being an investment in the long run. "Rising home prices, curb appeal, and energy efficiency contributed to gains in the projected return on investment for homeowners who are remodeling with an eye toward resale, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value report.” The report went over a bunch of home improvement projects that people take on and what generated the biggest bang for your buck. Out of the top five projects, four of them focused on the exterior of the home, which makes sense, since it’s what people...
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