How to Make Your Garage Door Opener Stop Beeping

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Yesterday, your garage door was working perfectly fine – and then all of a sudden, the door opener starts beeping! That constant beeping can get pretty frustrating when you don’t know the cause or how to get it to stop. If this is happening to you, the good news is that you can usually stop the beeping on your own without having to call in the professionals. Here are a few reasons why your garage door opener might be beeping: 1. If you’re using a Liftmaster timer-to-close or other similar technology, the garage door opener will beep to indicate when…

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Turn Your Garage Into a “Smart Garage”

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There are so many “smart” devices these days your head may be spinning. Smart cars, smart TVs, you may even be reading this on your smartphone. Our everyday life objects are more connected than ever. But have you ever thought about having a “smart” garage? With one simple tap on your smartphone, you can control your garage. This may seem unnecessary to you, but here are some reasons why it’s beneficial.   1. Did you remember to close your garage door or not? This sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? You reach your destination and panic strikes because you can’t…

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How to Enhance Your Garage Security

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Often times when homeowners are considering their home security they tend to overlook the importance of securing the garage. The garage tends to be used as a storage place for numerous valuable power tools, lawnmowers and your cars. Not only are their valuables in the garage but an attached garage could also allow easy access to the rest of your home. As many homeowners overlook this the garage door becomes an easy point in many homes security. Depending on the type of garage door that you have, contacting a professional or consultant for advice may be in your best interest….

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Keychain Garage Door Openers are Sweeping the Nation

Keychain Garage Door Opener

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Keychain garage door openers are the newest wave of gadgets coming to town. Most people enter their home through their garage, but no one wants to carry around a clunky garage door opener. It’s not only great for when you’re outside doing work, going for a run, or just having it handy on your car keys…it’s also a motorcyclist’s dream. The keychain garage door opener is just one of the newest products from LiftMaster that is sweeping the nation. Just like the LiftMaster app which lets you control your garage from your phone.   Here’s what people have to say about the…

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Garage Door Stuck After a Power Outage?

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When your garage door is stuck after a power outage, your whole day can suffer. Summer storms hit, your garage door opener gets caught in the crossfire, and before you know it, your car is being held hostage by your garage. While it stinks to have your garage door stuck open because of safety issues, it may be even more frustrating to have your cars trapped inside. Just like saying your dog was eating your homework as a kid, now you have to explain to your boss how your car is being held hostage. Good luck. We want you to…

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2016 Garage Door Trends

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So there’s this big show that happens every year called the International Builders’ Show, where a bunch of top-notch businesses display what’s trending in 2016. It’s a big opportunity for them not only to show off their quality products, but also to show off how modern they look. Clopay (our garage door manufacturer) attended the show just last week in Las Vegas, and with their new design for aluminum and glass garage doors, they fit right in. It’s cool to hear that Clopay is keeping up with the big dogs…and in a lot of cases, leading the pack. They’re doing...
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Things You Should Know When Looking For A Garage Door

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You may not have heard or thought of Clopay garage doors before, but there’s a reason we use them. They’re one of the top trusted brands in the nation, and they know their stuff. Clopay garage doors have become better insulated to take on the cold weather, and have taken charge in manufacturing some of the best looking garage doors out there. Here are a few things you should know about garage doors, thanks to Angie’s List: If you’re thinking of learning more about garage doors, we have a showroom in Worthington we’d love for you to see. You can...
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How To Set A Temporary Pin For Your Garage Door Keypad

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This time of year is an in-and-out time for families. So many people are traveling during the holidays, so it’s important to know how to set a temporary pin for your garage door keypad. Setting a temporary pin can be a really big help when you are leaving for a day and need someone to check on your pets, or if you just have someone stopping over to pick something up while you’re out. Here is a video with instructions on how to set a temporary pin, but if you’re more the reading type, here are some instructions from LiftMaster…

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Why is my garage door opener beeping?

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There’s nothing quite as annoying as a constant beeping sound, especially if you don’t know the cause. If you hear a beeping noise from your garage door opener, there are a few different things you want to troubleshoot. The good news is that it probably isn’t something you’ll need to call in a pro for. Your garage door opener is just trying to communicate with you. Here are three things your garage door might be telling you: If you’re closing your door using your LiftMaster® timer-to-closer or MyQ® technology, the garage door opener will beep and lights will flash to let you know that the…

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Your Garage Door Buying Guide

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When you get stuck picking the right garage door for your home makeover, here’s a helpful step-by-step process you can follow. You’ll be factoring in your budget, style, material, insulation, and installation needs. Even after you go through the steps, you may still have a few doubts about whether or not you’re making the right choice. We have a couple different ways to help you. The first is to visit our Deluxe Door Systems Worthington Showroom, where you can see all the garage doors up close and get a vibe for what they look like in person. The second is a…

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