Which Type of Garage Door is Best?

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There are so many different types of garage doors you can choose from, so how do you know which one is best? We decided to put a pro-con list together for the three most popular types of garage doors to give you an idea of what might fit your home best: #1 - Glass Garage Doors They're sweeping the nation in popularity with their modern look, and there are multiple reasons glass garage doors are the bees knees. Pros: They're some of our prettiest garage doors and tend to be the perfect fit for people who want the modern look....
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Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

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Choosing a new garage door might seem a little overwhelming at first. What style will look good on my house? And how do I know for sure the color will be right? The good news is, we've got some different styles to show you, along with some helpful ways you can have peace of mind when purchasing a new garage door. Find your look. We've assembled a lineup of Clopay garage doors to give you an idea of which styles you're drawn to. (Clopay is a leading manufacturer of drool-worthy garage doors in the U.S. Their garage doors are crazy...
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Why You Should Read the Boring Stuff When Buying a New Garage Door

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If you've researched new garage doors at all, you'll find a little descriptor that mentions "R-Value." This is the point in the story where most people's eyes glaze over with boredom. However, if you're buying a new garage door, you may want to read a short blurb about what R-Value is. For all the science-haters: The higher the R-Value on a garage door, the more it stops heat from entering or exiting your house.  For all the science nerds: R-Value is the measure of thermal resistance. The R-Value will help with conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfers but doesn’t account...
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Made in Ohio | Locally-Made Garage Doors

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The trip from the manufacturer to your house is a short one… If you’re not familiar with Clopay®, they’re our garage door manufacturer. They are constantly improving garage door insulation, lengthening the lifespan of garage doors, and never, ever, sacrificing the look of the garage door. To sum it up – they make really good, really pretty products. There’s another bonus (but wait, there’s more!)… The Clopay® headquarters are located in Ohio. They’re North America’s largest garage door manufacturer, including two manufacturing plants and 50 distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada. It’s pretty cool to think about pouring back into…

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Canyon Ridge Modern Garage Doors Have Us Drooling

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At Deluxe Door Systems, we work exclusively with Clopay Garage Doors, for some pretty obvious reasons. 4 Reasons Why We're Obsessed with Clopay Garage Doors in General: They're highly insulated, meaning your family gets to stay a little warmer in the winter and a little cooler in the summer when you run into the garage in your sock-feet to grab dessert out of the big freezer. Let's talk about durability. These garage doors will stand the test of time. They'll transform the entire front of your house so intensely that you might drive by your own home because you don't...
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See New Garage Doors Before You Buy

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Visualizing a garage door on your house can be difficult. We’ve heard stories of people buying new garage doors that just don’t look quite right, either in color or in style. It’s a big decision, and we’re happy to say we have two easy ways you see what your garage door looks like before you buy it. The Tech-Savvy Way with Clopay Our manufacturer, Clopay, has something called the Clopay Door Imagination System. All you do is upload a picture of your home, and you can plug different versions of garage doors into the system to see what they’ll look…

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Modern Garage Doors are a Great Investment

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Now that the warm weather is finally here to stay, you might be thinking about doing some home repairs and updates. Maybe even replacing that old garage door you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Did you know that getting a new garage door is actually one of the best investments you can make for your home? According to Remodeling magazine, you’ll get back an average of 98.3% of what you spend on a garage door. That’s a better ROI than pretty much any other home improvement project! We offer a huge selection of Clopay garage doors – you can start your search here. Here’s one of…

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Is It Worth Getting a New Garage Door?

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It’s a classic dilemma: “Should I buy a new one, or try to make the old one last longer?” We all face that choice at some point; maybe with a car or a house. Sometimes it makes sense to wait a little longer to replace something, and other times it can be more risky to put off a necessary upgrade. The same goes for your garage door. Many garage doors – especially our Clopay doors – are built to last for a long time. But eventually, they’ll need replaced, too. So is it worth getting a new garage door right now?…

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A New Garage Door with Your Tax Refund

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According to the IRS, the average tax refund people receive in the US is around $3050. For many people, getting your tax return is a very exciting time. When you see that check in your hand or money deposited into your bank account, it’s hard not to want to splurge on that new 70-inch TV or dream vacation. As a homeowner, putting that money into your house, specifically a new garage door may be the wiser choice. Remodeling Magazine magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report stated that a new garage door recoups around 98% of its cost in improved home…

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Turn Your Garage Into More than a Storage Room

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Everyone has that one junk drawer they just can’t seem to get organized. Soon enough, that drawer becomes a junk box, which then becomes several junk boxes that end up in a closet. Many times we give up trying to sort it all out, so we shove it into the garage for storage. Before you know it, your whole garage can turn into one big junk drawer that you can’t even park your car in. But your garage can be so much more than that! Imagine all the space you could use for tailgating, DIY projects, and a play area…

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