Getting Your House Ready to Sell

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We’ve got some great news for anyone interested in selling their house. Many people are calling today’s housing market the “strongest seller’s market ever.” And for good reason – Nearly 12,000 homes have been sold in Columbus in the last five months. So if you’re thinking about selling your house, now is a great time to make some final improvements and get it up on the market. When you’re looking to make those final improvements, it’s always good to know what projects will get you the biggest bang for your buck. For example, easy, low-cost projects usually give you a…

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New Garage Door Columbus Ohio | Clopay Door Collections

New Garage Door Columbus

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New Garage Door Columbus At Deluxe Door Systems, we use Clopay® garage doors – and quite frankly, they’re amazing. Clopay® says that “a garage door can represent more than 30% of your home’s curb appeal, which makes choosing the right design especially important – and Clopay® has the widest selection available. With over 1,000 different garage door designs in wood, steel, composite, aluminum and glass, you’re sure to find the perfect style to transform your garage… and your home.” A new garage door Columbus style is exactly what Clopay is good for. They aren’t kidding. Your new garage door Columbus style will make your…

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Insulated Garage Doors Columbus Ohio

Insulated Garage Doors Are Worth It

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Well, it’s snowing again. And it’s COLD. Whenever the weather swings dramatically enough to consider moving to a different climate, we reach for the thermostat – but have you ever thought that an insulated garage door helps with climate control in your home? Here are 3 reasons to consider an insulated garage door: 1 – Climate Control: It’s pretty obvious. An insulated garage door keeps the temperature in your garage a lot more manageable. What we sometimes forget is that the garage acts as a buffer zone between your house and the outdoors. Keeping it warmer makes it easier to keep…

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Clopay on HGTV’s Urban Oasis Sweepstakes

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Clopay garage doors are keeping up with every trend, every year, which is why they're getting featured on HGTV's Urban Oasis Sweepstakes. HGTV and Clopay both recognize the trend of close-knit communities and urban style. HGTV states that "with more than 600 new urbanist towns, villages and neighborhoods planned or under construction in the United States, New Urbanism is poised to become one of the dominant design and planning methods of the 21st century." Long story short, URBAN IS IN. People in large cities are wishing for that small-town feel. A great (and timely) example is Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls, but the best...
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Replace Your Garage Door Panel or Buy a New Door?

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nobody likes spending extra money when they don’t have to. So if you’ve only damaged one part of your garage door… don’t panic. A lot of people don’t know, but often you can simply buy a replacement section to repair your door, instead of replacing the whole thing. Here’s a few tips to get started: Most of the Clopay doors we carry have replacement sections available so long as they’re still being manufactured. So if we installed your garage door, we probably have the section you need! Regardless of your door, to order…

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How to Choose a New Garage Door

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“Just choose a new garage door.” Easier said than done, right? We know that. So we want to make sure we help you pick the right one for your home. Below are some tips and ways you can be sure you’re getting the right door for your home. Match the Style of Your House with Your New Door Bob Vila says it best: Select a door style that complements your house. For instance, if you live in a Craftsman bungalow—distinguished by deeply overhanging eaves, extensive woodwork, and divided-light windows, look for a garage door that features the same hallmark characteristics. Meanwhile, if…

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Driving Through Your Garage Door

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We have customers who drive through their garage doors. They’re typically not morning people. A guy recently drove straight through his garage door…for a second time. He was mortified. We’d helped him the very first time he did it, and he called us back. While we never wish for people to drive through a wood or steel wall with their car, we are happy when they call us. It tells us we’re doing something right. Luckily we do same-day, Columbus emergency garage door repairs and installations. We even fix the molding around your garage door in case you wipe that…

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Garage Door ROI Might Surprise You

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Who ever thinks about garage door ROI? Most of us slap a bland color on a flat garage door and call it a day. It’s not our fault. We’ve been told do to that, because garage doors are only functional, right? WRONG. Your garage door may be the very first thing someone sees when they look at your house. That curb appeal not only helps your home’s value, it helps make it seem a notch above the rest. While getting a new garage door may seem like an upgrade that isn’t high on your priority list, it should be. When investing in…

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They’re Not As Pricey As You Think

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When you have people over, you have the chance to make them feel welcome the minute the pull in your driveway. That first impression truly can set the tone for your first interactions with people. So why not make it good? Times are a'changing, people. It used to be that garage doors were merely for function, but then people realized they take up about a third of your curb appeal inventory. If you haven't gotten a garage door in a while, you may think it's going to cost an arm and a leg. Truth is Clopay (our garage door manufacturer)...
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Garage Door Update In Upper Arlington

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Deluxe Door Systems recently did a garage door update in Upper Arlington in place of an old garage door that was both outdated and poorly functioning. Really it was more of a complete overhaul. We installed a brand new opener and a brand new Clopay garage door to improve functionality. It looks like whoever built this garage to begin with bought into the myth of sliding doors. You get excited because you don’t have to worry about swinging a door in and out to conserve space, but then you realize you can only have one door open at a time. Not to…

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