Common Garage Door Problems

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Worrying about your garage door typically isn’t a priority until something goes wrong. The great news is it’s actually pretty easy to make sure that it’s working properly by doing a visual inspection every two months or so and lubricating the major parts two times a year. If you notice a problem while you’re doing one of your visual checks, we’ve compiled a list of the most common garage door problems. This will help you determine whether you can fix the issue yourself or to give us a call to make the necessary repairs. The Door Opens or Closes with…

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Fixing Common Garage Door Issues

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A good garage door is a great investment for your home. Not only do they give you a fantastic ROI and transform the look of your home, but they’re built to last for many years – especially our collection of durable Clopay garage doors. However, even the best garage doors will eventually need some repairs. While you can avoid most major problems through preventative maintenance, you might still encounter an issue with your garage door at some point that you aren’t sure how to fix. And if you do, that’s okay – you can always give us a call! Repairing and replacing garage…

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Insulated Garage Door | Perks for ALL Weather

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Insulated garage doors don’t sound that glamorous, but they might be the best and most underrated thing you could do for your garage, your home, in any weather. Next time you reach for the thermostat, whether there’s an unexpected chill or it’s crazy muggy out – think about this: An insulated garage door helps with climate control in your home. Our 3 Top Reasons to Get an Insulated Garage Door: Climate Control: Not only does an insulated garage door keep your garage temperature more manageable, but it helps protect the “buffer zone” between your house and the outdoors. People often…

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Lubricant Tips for Cold Garage Doors

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Well, it’s cold again. We sometimes get cranky about the cold weather, and garage doors do too. That’s when we normally grab the lubricant and spray like mad.  Nobody wants to get home one day and find the garage door just won’t move. But here’s a lubricant tip some people forget: When it gets cold, your garage door sometimes has trouble going up and down. This can be from a variety of things, but often, it’s simply because metal contracts in cold weather. This causes many of the metal pieces in your garage door to seize up or slow down. …

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Come here when your garage door needs replaced.

When You’ve Got An Old Garage Door

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How to Tell if Your Garage Door Needs Replaced It's hard to know when to let go. If you're like us here at Deluxe Door Systems, you value quality and long-lasting stuff, so getting something replaced takes a lot of thought. Unless your garage door is hanging sideways in its frame, it can be hard to know when to dish out the extra money to buy a new one. Here are some signs it may be time to replace your garage door: You've seen us way too often this year.  There's a chance this isn't your first repair rodeo. While...
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Garage Door Tune-Ups Save You Money

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We’ve been having a weird mix of rainy days and Indian Summer (also, the Indians are in the World Series, say whaaa??) in with our October this year. Nobody likes to walk into the garage and realize it won’t open. With all the changing weather and winter soon ahead, now is the perfect time to slip in a garage door tune-up to alleviate some of the repairs that your garage door will need over time. It’s quick and painless, and it could save you a bad morning in the long run. Here’s a few things to check before the weather…

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What’s Included In A Garage Door Tune Up?

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At Deluxe Door Systems we recommend getting a garage door tune-up every once in a while to alleviate some of the repairs that your garage door will need over time. It’s also good to spot little problems you have but may not know about before they get bigger and unmanageable.   If you’re wondering what a tune-up includes, we check over your entire garage door system to make sure everything is running correctly. We look for any moving parts that need repaired, and we lube up the entire system to make sure you’re running smoothly going into the winter season….

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Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

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While it doesn’t feel like winter right now, those colder temperatures are right around the corner. Garage door problems are inevitable this season, so we want to make sure you know about our 24/7 emergency repair service. We do our best to get to you FAST when your spring breaks, when your rollers pop off the track, when your weather stripping freezes to the ground, and when your cars are trapped in your garage. Whatever you need – we’ll be there with years of experience to repair it fast. You’d be surprised how many calls we get about garage doors…

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It’s That Time of Year | Garage Door Repair Season

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As the weather gets colder, it’s more likely that the metal parts of your garage door are going to expand and contract like crazy. You may hear us talking a lot about garage door springs, broken cables, or faulty rollers, but that’s because we’re entering the time of year when people need help with garage door repairs the most. It’s a pain. We know. So we want to tell you about a few ways to prevent your garage door from malfunctioning in the cold weather. Now, we can’t guarantee that these things will cure any garage door winter problem, but…

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Preventative Care

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Owner Jeff Mays has a little advice for you when it comes to eliminating all that garage door noise. If you’re willing to take about half an hour of your time to do a little DIY maintenance, your ears and your wallet will thank you. Jeff recommends using WD40 or another garage door lubricant on all moving parts of your garage door on a regular schedule, once a month. That may seem like a lot to you, but it’s pretty easy to squeeze in, especially in the summer. You probably have to do some work outside during the “landscaping months”,…

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