When Your Garage Door Closes And Opens Right Back Up | Garage Door Repair

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Garage door “force and travel limits” may not ring a bell, but they’re really important to understand when it comes to garage door repair. Many of the garage door repairs out there require us to help you, but this one you may be able to handle by yourself if you’re willing to put in a little time. These limits we mentioned tell your garage door how far it needs to open and how far it needs to close. But like most things in life, you may find they stop working correctly.   You could be the person who has a…

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Why is my garage door opener beeping?

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There’s nothing quite as annoying as a constant beeping sound, especially if you don’t know the cause. If you hear a beeping noise from your garage door opener, there are a few different things you want to troubleshoot. The good news is that it probably isn’t something you’ll need to call in a pro for. Your garage door opener is just trying to communicate with you. Here are three things your garage door might be telling you: If you’re closing your door using your LiftMaster® timer-to-closer or MyQ® technology, the garage door opener will beep and lights will flash to let you know that the…

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Back-to-School Garage Door Tips

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Deluxe Door Systems wants to wish you a happy back-to-school season! We have a few ideas on ways to keep your family safe going into the school year:   Install a Keypad: With kids getting home after school, it’s important to make sure they can get in to your house even when you’re not there. Now is the perfect time – if you haven’t already – to install a wireless keypad on the outside of your home. From your smart phone you can monitor when your child gets home from school, and you can even shut the garage door from your…

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Your Garage Door Buying Guide

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When you get stuck picking the right garage door for your home makeover, here’s a helpful step-by-step process you can follow. You’ll be factoring in your budget, style, material, insulation, and installation needs. Even after you go through the steps, you may still have a few doubts about whether or not you’re making the right choice. We have a couple different ways to help you. The first is to visit our Deluxe Door Systems Worthington Showroom, where you can see all the garage doors up close and get a vibe for what they look like in person. The second is a…

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Why Liftmaster Garage Door Openers are the Best

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Your home is constantly needing upgraded. You spend money on it because you want it to look good… and because you see new ideas on HGTV that you just have to try. It’s easy to see the value in keeping your wall color fresh or getting new countertops, but it’s harder to think about why garage door openers are important. They’re not pretty, but they sure do make your life pretty easy. Not to mention a solid garage door opener can help with your resale value if you keep it upgraded. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth it…

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Programming Your Garage Keypad | Keypad 101

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Installing a garage door keypad can be a life changer. Kids can hop off the bus and get inside with the touch of a few buttons. Choosing the right password, though, can be tricky. Here’s a list of the most common pin codes that you should avoid. Try getting creative with something memorable but not overused, and avoid your birthday and the birthdays of close family members. If you go away on a trip but have any pets that need taken care of or plants that need watered, you can set a temporary password while you’re gone and share it…

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How to Control Your Garage Door with Your Phone

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Smart phones have revolutionized the way we interact with our homes. If you want to connect your garage in the same way, you may want to check out the new LiftMaster MyQ series. With one touch to your screen, you can monitor your home or business’s garage door. Now, instead of backing down the street to your house to make sure you shut the garage door on your way to work, you can simply check in with your smartphone and let it do the work for you. If it’s still up, another click of a button and the LiftMaster MyQ…

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Garage Door Stuck Open Due To Power Outage?

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Usually kids can have fun in frigid Columbus winters. But adults? Our fun stops when we have to shovel the driveway, drive to work with maniacs on the road, and figure out how the heck to keep kids entertained when there’s a snow days. Or the worst – what to do when the power goes out. Then you realize you have zero heat, zero patience, and oh look, your garage door is stuck open. If you have a LiftMaster garage door opener, you’re in luck, because they have battery back-ups, so you can still use your garage door opener even…

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The Door Opener

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You’re speeding through your neighborhood in Dublin in a torrential down-poor.  28 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone.  Yep.  You live dangerous. Ladies:  Your favorite show, Nashville, starts in  4 minutes and the DVR has been acting up.  And tonight is the night Rayna and Deacon… No time to explain. Men:  Cavs V Heat… tips off shortly. Your wife doesn’t let you clog up the DVR with sports. You pull into the driveway with no time to spare and you remember… your garage door opener hasn’t worked in weeks. It’s raining cats and dogs… which we conveniently set up at…

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