How to paint your garage door the right way.

How to Paint a Garage Door

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Sometimes your house could use a facelift, but your garage door isn’t to the point where you want to replace it yet. At that point, is a new coat of paint on your garage door a good option? We hear that question a lot, and the answer is yes. People often forget how much your garage door effects your home’s curb appeal – updating your garage door can literally make it look like a new house. Our manufacturer Clopay has a lot of great tips for how to paint your garage door, and we’ve done some digging for you too. Painting your garage…

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How Humidity And Sunlight Can Affect Your Garage Door | Garage Door Repair

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Humidity and sunlight can affect your garage door more than you might think. While the common garage door repair problems we come in contact with (springs, cables, and rollers) happen during the winter months, the summer can still take a beating to your garage door system. Here are some garage door repairs you may run into during the spring and summer and ways you can fix/prevent them: Direct Sun Rays can actually make the sensors on your garage door think that something is obstructing the opening of your garage… That’s the fancy way of saying that “the little things that make the…

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