Garage Door Spring Repair in Columbus Ohio

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It’s that time of year. Springs are rusting from years of weather changes and wear and tear, and your garage door is shrieking for help! No worries. You’re not along. Garage door spring repair is the number one thing we get calls for, which means we do a lot of it. Garage door springs wear out for a few reasons. It could be rust from years of moisture buildup, or it could just be that your garage door has gone up and down so many times – for work, for your kids’ soccer games, and for taking out the trash – and…

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Fixing Damage Done by Cold Weather

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Even though winter weather is finally clearing out, you’ll want to make sure your garage door is safe from any damage that the cold temperatures might’ve caused. Sometimes the signs of damage are obvious – like a garage door that won’t open. But many times, the signs of damage to your door can be more subtle. Not to worry, though! Most of these problems can be fixed through some easy maintenance. Here are a few common issues that can be caused by cold weather, and how to solve them. 1. Your door won’t open, or it gets stuck frequently: During…

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Get Your Garage Ready for Any Season

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The calendar says that we’re in the middle of winter. But the weather we’ve been seeing the last few weeks might tell you a different story. The temperature this time of year is like a yo-yo. And that constant change in temperature can be surprisingly harmful to your garage door. Maybe you’ve noticed some of these issues with your garage door recently: – It gets stuck to the ground or has pieces hanging off of the bottom. – Too much cold or warm air is getting inside your home from the garage. – Your door makes loud, screeching noises when…

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How to Enhance Your Garage Security

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Often times when homeowners are considering their home security they tend to overlook the importance of securing the garage. The garage tends to be used as a storage place for numerous valuable power tools, lawnmowers and your cars. Not only are their valuables in the garage but an attached garage could also allow easy access to the rest of your home. As many homeowners overlook this the garage door becomes an easy point in many homes security. Depending on the type of garage door that you have, contacting a professional or consultant for advice may be in your best interest….

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Emergency repair for broken garage door springs Columbus

Broken Garage Door Springs Repair Columbus

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Getting your broken garage door springs repaired fast: Broken garage door springs repair is the most common repair we see every single year in Worthington, New Albany, Gahanna, Upper Arlington, Bexley, Clintonville, and oh, how the list goes on! We do broken garage door springs emergency repair all around the I-270 belt during the holidays and every other day of the year. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll surprise you with how fast we can turn around your garage door dilemma. Why are springs the #1 issue for garage doors? Wondering why the springs are the…

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cold weather

How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door – One week we complain about how hot September is, and before you know it, October brings forty degree weather and some home repair pains along with it. The following are a few things that might not take the cold weather as well as you this winter: Door Frame Your garage door frame warps when there’s increased moisture and when swelling of the wood occurs. Hot to cold, cold to hot, hot to cold… your garage door frame is bound to run into some issues during weather changes. Some common symptoms of your…

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Fixing Common Garage Door Issues

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A good garage door is a great investment for your home. Not only do they give you a fantastic ROI and transform the look of your home, but they’re built to last for many years – especially our collection of durable Clopay garage doors. However, even the best garage doors will eventually need some repairs. While you can avoid most major problems through preventative maintenance, you might still encounter an issue with your garage door at some point that you aren’t sure how to fix. And if you do, that’s okay – you can always give us a call! Repairing and replacing garage…

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How to Avoid Replacing Garage Door Springs

Replacing Garage Door Springs

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Replacing garage door springs is usually the biggest repair we run into at Deluxe Door Systems. Just a couple weeks ago, a Gahanna homeowner ran into this very problem. We were out to visit him in less than a day and had him back on track (pun intended) in no time. Because we are replacing garage door springs all the time, we are really good at it. It’s not an easy job, and it can be dangerous. If the tension caused by the springs released, the door could come crashing down. On you. Or your cat. That’s why people like us are…

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Crooked Garage Doors 101

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Ah yes, the classic crooked garage door gap. Nothing like that sinking feeling in your stomach when you watch your garage door hit the ground crooked. Might as well put up an “Animal Shelter” sign while you’re at it, considering you’ll probably come home to eight mice and a raccoon waiting for you. There are a couple reasons you’re running into this problem, but whatever the reason, we hate to shoot you straight – it’s time to call the experts (that’s us, in case you’re wondering). Why Your Garage Door is Crooked If you have a wooden garage door, the bottom panel could…

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Dear Winter Procrastinators…

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The Top 4 Winter Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY… or Have Us DFY (do for you). This time of year turns garage doors into monsters. Every day you pull in and out of your garage thinking: Man, I should really get around to that garage door repair before my door falls on my car. And every day you think: Meh, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Here’s your chance to be an anti-procrastination superhero. We’ve got four quick fixes/checkups that will keep your garage door running smoothly through the winter months. Stifle the Steven Tyler Scream. Ever notice how your garage door ends up sounding like…

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