Turn Your Garage Into a “Smart Garage”

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There are so many “smart” devices these days your head may be spinning. Smart cars, smart TVs, you may even be reading this on your smartphone. Our everyday life objects are more connected than ever. But have you ever thought about having a “smart” garage? With one simple tap on your smartphone, you can control your garage. This may seem unnecessary to you, but here are some reasons why it’s beneficial.   1. Did you remember to close your garage door or not? This sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? You reach your destination and panic strikes because you can’t…

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New Garage Doors Are An Investment

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Clopay’s most recent blog raves about how new garage doors end up being an investment in the long run. "Rising home prices, curb appeal, and energy efficiency contributed to gains in the projected return on investment for homeowners who are remodeling with an eye toward resale, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value report.” The report went over a bunch of home improvement projects that people take on and what generated the biggest bang for your buck. Out of the top five projects, four of them focused on the exterior of the home, which makes sense, since it’s what people...
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Universal Remote Control & Keypad

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You may not need a new garage door yet, e yours is just old enough to need a new remote control and keypad installed. It’s frustrating trying to figure out what product will work for you, but luckily LiftMaster developed a universal garage door remote control and keyless entry. It’s compatible with 90% of garage doors made after 1993, which means the chances are looking pretty good for it to work on your garage door. Here’s a list of brands if you’d like to check the compatibility of your garage door: Chamberlain® Craftsman® Genie® LiftMaster® Linear/Moore-o-Matic® Overhead Door® Stanley® Wayne-Dalton®…

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Programming Your Garage Keypad | Keypad 101

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Installing a garage door keypad can be a life changer. Kids can hop off the bus and get inside with the touch of a few buttons. Choosing the right password, though, can be tricky. Here’s a list of the most common pin codes that you should avoid. Try getting creative with something memorable but not overused, and avoid your birthday and the birthdays of close family members. If you go away on a trip but have any pets that need taken care of or plants that need watered, you can set a temporary password while you’re gone and share it…

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How to Control Your Garage Door with Your Phone

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Smart phones have revolutionized the way we interact with our homes. If you want to connect your garage in the same way, you may want to check out the new LiftMaster MyQ series. With one touch to your screen, you can monitor your home or business’s garage door. Now, instead of backing down the street to your house to make sure you shut the garage door on your way to work, you can simply check in with your smartphone and let it do the work for you. If it’s still up, another click of a button and the LiftMaster MyQ…

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