Driving Through Your Garage Door

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We have customers who drive through their garage doors. They’re typically not morning people. A guy recently drove straight through his garage door…for a second time. He was mortified. We’d helped him the very first time he did it, and he called us back. While we never wish for people to drive through a wood or steel wall with their car, we are happy when they call us. It tells us we’re doing something right. Luckily we do same-day, Columbus emergency garage door repairs and installations. We even fix the molding around your garage door in case you wipe that…

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Emergency Garage Door Service (When You Drive Through Your Garage)

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It’s more common than you think to drive through your garage or garage door. Lucky for you, Deluxe Door Systems offers emergency garage door service. So when you see the damage and start to panic, DON’T. We got the call for this garage door fiasco and repaired it all in the same day. Our team doesn’t just make repairs to your garage door opener after the accident’s happened. We fix the frame. Our guys are all-around Bob Vila’s when it comes to that stuff, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re going to have to contact multiple sources. We do it…

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New Residential Install | Car vs. Garage Door

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If you’ve come in contact with those unique creatures we call teenagers, you’ll know that anything is possible. And by anything, we mean anything… like driving a car through a closed garage door. This just happened to an Upper Arlington family, and they frantically called us the day it happened. We get emergency requests like that all the time, and we respond quickly – all the time. They asked for a complete garage door overhaul on their home, replacing the rubble with Clopay’s Coachman series garage doors. Hopefully the kid scored some brownie points for how good the new doors…

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