Clopay on HGTV’s Urban Oasis Sweepstakes

Clopay garage doors are keeping up with every trend, every year, which is why they’re getting featured on HGTV’s Urban Oasis Sweepstakes.

HGTV and Clopay both recognize the trend of close-knit communities and urban style. HGTV states that “with more than 600 new urbanist towns, villages and neighborhoods planned or under construction in the United States, New Urbanism is poised to become one of the dominant design and planning methods of the 21st century.” Long story short, URBAN IS IN. People in large cities are wishing for that small-town feel. A great (and timely) example is Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls, but the best example is probably the set of The Truman Show, filmed in picturesque Seaside, FL – the first city in America to launch the New Urbanist neighborhood movement.

In case we didn’t emphasize it enough before, the trend is small spaces with big style.

What Clopay Knows About Urban Style

There’s one key difference between 20th century home style then and now – the garage matters now. Garages used to be just a functional, forgotten space for cars and lawn mowers, but as time progressed, Clopay caught on that people were aesthetically drawn to homes that didn’t separate the garage from the house. Picture this: You see a beautiful oil painting at the store, but the bottom right corner is just a bunch of crayon scribbles. It looks ugly, right? Because that small, scribbly corner impact the entire piece. The same goes for your home. Each element works together to create a work of art. Clopay gives you the option of a simple, functional garage door, but they also give you the option to paint over those crayon scribbles and make it true art.

What Deluxe Door Systems Knows About Clopay

Clopay is North America’s #1 residential garage door. You won’t regret getting a Clopay garage door. Our customers go head-over-heels for their products, and we recognize that. We provide a wide range of Clopay garage doors and provide excellent service installing them. It’s why Deluxe Door Systems is the #1 and only Master Authorized Clopay Dealer in Columbus.
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This company was excellent, especially the secretary that answered the phone to relay messages. I had a problem with the garage door opener. They were very, very patient to get the problem resolved. They came out when they said they would and were very professional. They hauled away a very heavy wooden garage door and installed a new garage door. I would definitely hire them again. The price was very good, too.