How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door –

One week we complain about how hot September is, and before you know it, October brings forty degree weather and some home repair pains along with it. The following are a few things that might not take the cold weather as well as you this winter:

Door Frame

Your garage door frame warps when there’s increased moisture and when swelling of the wood occurs. Hot to cold, cold to hot, hot to cold… your garage door frame is bound to run into some issues during weather changes. Some common symptoms of your garage door frame warping are:

  • garage door getting stuck
  • garage door rubbing against your garage door frame itself (pretty self explanatory, right?)

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is that bit of bendy plastic material at the bottom of your door that helps keep the air and water out of your garage. When cold weather comes around, it has a tendency to slack on the job. Rain gets in between the weather stripping and the base of your garage freezes to the concrete. Some common symptoms of your garage door weather stripping needing changed in the winter are:

  • garage door getting stuck shut (the weather stripping may have frozen to the ground)
  • garage door weather stripping dangling from the base of your door (that one’s pretty obvious!)

Springs & Tracks

And now we come to the #1 and #2 garage door repairs we see every year. The first offender of garage door repair is your set of garage door springs. As time goes by, particularly if the garage door springs aren’t routinely lubricated, they rust and quit holding their own weight. Quite literally. Common symptoms for this problem are:

  • garage door slamming to the ground

Garage Door Exterior Finish

This problem will not be your greatest, nor will it be your top priority when cold weather hits. But it’s worth mentioning that after years and years of hot and cold and light and dark rotations, your garage door could use a new coat of paint or a fresh stain. Good news. We can help with that, too. The most common symptom of this garage door problem is:

  • ugliness 😉

No matter which issue you run into with all this cold weather, we want to help you solve it FAST. We do 24/7 emergency garage door repair in Columbus and the surrounding areas like Hilliard, Victorian Village, Clintonville, Gahanna, Bexley, Worthington, Grove City… You get the picture. We’re everywhere, all the time, always fixing garage doors. It’s just what we do (we’re kind of obsessed). We’d love to hear from you if you have a wintry problem you want fixed.

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