Commercial Door Repair | Truck vs. Door

We get calls all the time when people drive their car through a garage door, but this call was special. We learned that a semi-truck decided to pick a fight with a commercial garage door in Columbus this week.

It was declared the world’s shortest war.

The door and the frame had been ripped to shreds during combat, so we had to do an emergency same-day service to install new steel jams and a brand new Clopay commercial garage door. If we hadn’t done a same-day repair, that gaping hole in the building might have welcomed some unwanted guests. The entire project was done the way Deluxe Door Systems does all its projects – quickly. We got this Columbus business back on its feet in no time.

You never know when stuff like this is going to happen, so when you have a residential or commercial garage door emergency, contact Deluxe Door.

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