Worrying about your garage door typically isn’t a priority until something goes wrong.

The great news is it’s actually pretty easy to make sure that it’s working properly by doing a visual inspection every two months or so and lubricating the major parts two times a year.

If you notice a problem while you’re doing one of your visual checks, we’ve compiled a list of the most common garage door problems. This will help you determine whether you can fix the issue yourself or to give us a call to make the necessary repairs.

The Door Opens or Closes with a Clunk

If you’re experiencing this, there are a couple of possible causes:

– If you have a 9 x 7-foot garage door, the torsion spring which is located above the door may be broken. Another possibility is if you have an extension spring system, where the springs are located above the horizontal rails, one of the two springs may be broken.
-With a 16 x 7-foot garage door, with most of them having a torsion spring system, one of the two springs is probably broken.
-Another possibility is one of your lifting cables is broken or close to it.

If a spring is broken, please give us a call immediately.

The Door Has Come Off Its Hinges

The cause of this is most likely because the horizontal tracks has fallen out of alignment, or the metal bracket at the end is coming loose, or the bolts holding in the bracket are coming unscrewed.

If the garage door has completely fallen to the floor, don’t do anything – give us a call right away so we can help.

The Garage Door Opens and Sometimes It Doesn’t

Most likely the battery in your remote is dying. Changing the battery in your remote should fix the problem. If not, give us a call and we can come out and look at your garage door for you.

There may be other issues that you are experiencing that we haven’t covered. Please feel free to give us call so we can answer any questions for come out and take a closer look. We service Columbus and its surrounding areas for new installations and quick repairs.

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