Composite That Looks Like REAL Wood | Garage Doors

When it comes to home purchases, who doesn’t want a garage door that’s beautiful but built to last. Great news for you is Clopay, our garage door manufacturer, is on the quest 24/7 to make garage doors better.

And their newest addition? Extira®, an exterior-rated weather resistant wood composite, now available on the Reserve Wood® Collection Custom and Limited Edition Series. Here’s what Clopay has to say about it if you want to sort of “garage-door-geek-out for a minute.”


Garage Door Geek Out

“Made from eco-friendly materials, Extira® is moisture, rot, and termite resistant, offering superior performance to paint-grade materials like MDF and many wood species. It carves, routs, and fastens like natural wood, and has a perfectly smooth surface free of knots or voids, allowing for detailed craftsmanship and a fine, furniture quality paint finish homeowners expect in a premium carriage style garage door. The density of the substrate makes it easy to incorporate deep V-groove patterns with defined edges, like a Chevron, or arches, to achieve a natural wood look that just isn’t possible with molded material. Because of its inherent strength, Extira® won’t crack or split. Extira® doors are typically built in three sections instead of four, resulting in proportionally larger windows, which many homeowners, architects, and builders prefer. The door has a 4-layer polystyrene insulated construction. Extira® cladding and overlays are applied to the exterior face of a 2”-thick hemlock frame base. A luan woodgrain backer gives the interior of the door a finished look, and can be painted or stained.”


If you’re ready for an upgrade to your garage door and want to invest in one that will last and resist the elements, let us know. We’d love to help you see new garage doors in two unique ways before you buy.

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