Can I Paint Or Stain My Garage Door? | Garage Door Curb Appeal

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to be thinking about your home’s curb appeal. So many people ask us, “Can I paint or stain my garage door?” And the answer is yes! We’re glad you’re asking that question, because we think your garage door should look amazing at all times. According to our manufacturer, Clopay, “a front-facing garage door can be 40 percent of what people see from the curb.” That means that it’s a great thing to keep in shape as the years go by.

Clopay has some great tips on painting or staining your garage door and some other curb appeal tips to get you ready for spring.

Painting your garage door. Painting or staining your garage door can do wonders for your home. Plus, adding a coat of paint or stain can help preserve your garage door. Clopay actually recommends painting wood garage doors every 1 to 2 years. If you’re set on painting or staining, you will want to invest in a durable, exterior latex paint. Do NOT use an oil based paint. Here are some instructions if you decide painting or staining your garage door is the best idea. If you hate getting your hands dirty, try calling our friends at Buckeye House Painting. They’d love to help!

Adding new exterior lights. According to Clopay, they should be 1/4 to 1/3 the height of the door opening.

Add planters at either end of your garage. This can help your garage door stand out even more and provide some inviting color.

If you get into all of these ideas and end up thinking that a new door would be a better investment for you, try checking out our new garage door collections. We have a ton of customizable garage doors for you to choose from. And if you’re in this DIY process and see a repair that needs done, we do garage door repair in Upper Arlington, Dublin, Powell, Lewis Center, Bexley, Hilliard, Pataskala, and pretty much anywhere else in and around downtown Columbus. Just give us a call!

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I called DDS after we began having trouble with our garage door opener. I was fully expecting to have to replace it or even worse the opener and door! I was pleasantly surprised to find a much cheaper fix. They recommended I put lower wattage bulbs in the opener (I put bulbs that were brighter than the manufacturer of the opener recommends). They also cleaned and oiled the moving parts and it worked better than new! I appreciated their honesty! I was prepared to replace but they did the right thing! Thank you DDS!