Dear Wood Garage Door Owners…

It’s getting chilly in Columbus, and it’s time to start getting your house ready for what may or may not be a brutal Ohio winter. (We never know, do we?) For those of you who own a wood garage door, you definitely appreciate a solid, quality door. We appreciate you for appreciating that…

However, this is the time of year your wood garage doors will be tested. Here are a few things for you to know about your wood garage doors that will be helpful for you to know. Good news is that, no matter what hits you this winter, you’ll have us on standby to help you with any garage door repair you run into!

Warping, Rusting, & Stalling.

Go ahead and buy a garage door lubricant and start oiling your garage door springs, rollers, and every other moving part to prep yourself for the cold weather. Otherwise, you may get some squeaking, rusting, or stalling. If your wood garage door itself is actually warping, you may have to start saving up for a garage door replacement. In the meantime, continually treat your wood garage door. Each one is different, so consult your garage door manufacturer for the best way to keep your door healthy longterm.

If your garage door is giving you any problems now or starts to as the temperatures drop, just call us! Deluxe Door System is here 24/7 to help with your garage door emergencies and needs. We do Grove City garage door repair, Delaware garage door repair, Gahanna garage door repair, and… you get it. Pretty much anywhere in and around the Columbus metro is fair game for our services. We’d love to earn your business!


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