Do You Have a Slacker at Home?

It’s evident when you have a slacker in your house.
Every day you wonder whether the slacker is just gonna do its job (cause that’s all you ask of it, right?).
Luckily for you, we eliminate slackers. 

For the last three decades, we’ve been Columbus’ go to fixer for slacker… garage doors.

Yea. Garage doors are the worst slackers. They love to just sit there when they should be — getting UP and doing something. And they groan and grumble when their buttons are pushed.

If your garage door is being a slacker now — it’s only gonna get worse when the cold hits.


In all seriousness, the reason we know they’re such a pain is because our team has been doing Columbus garage door repair for over 25 Ohio winters.

And if there’s ever a time for your “garage door slacker” to cause some serious issues, it’s coming up in 3, 2…


Winter’s here.

“Slacker garage doors are usually caused by broken or worn out garage door springs, our most common winter repair – one that can be quite costly depending on the situation. If your garage door is already acting up, one of the best things you can do quickly and affordably is a $99 Winter Garage Door Tune-Up. We pop out to check out what your garage door is up to and help you avoid any winter surprises — like biting cold air whipping through your garage thanks to a crooked garage door… or more importantly – avoid paying a huge chunk of change for a big repair.

Now’s the time to schedule a tune-up before your slacker garage door gives up altogether.

We’re Deluxe Door Systems.
We fix slacker garage doors all over Columbus and anywhere in and around the I-270 loop.
And we can help you get ready for Ohio winters.

Set up an appointment for a tune-up, or just reach out with questions. We’re laid back, simple people who are here to help you get the information you need with no strings attached.