Going green can be a hard thing to do, but Deluxe Door Systems was up to the challenge.

Our Canyon Ridge® Collection, Coachman® Collection and Grand Harbor® Collection steel and composite carriage-house style garage doors actually conserve natural resources. The composite that Clopay uses is a great and sturdy alternative to natural wood, which can be a high maintenance door to have through the years. Our composite garage doors resist moisture and won’t rot, warp, crack, or fade like natural wood.

Some people just can’t  talk themselves into composite garage doors. They love the natural wood garage doors and feel good about having a “natural” house. Our materials for our Clopay Reserve® Collection wood doors are purchased from suppliers who are certified in their logging practices. In other words, the rain forests are not damaged in the process of making these doors. The mill that Clopay buys from follows “green practices”, making it safe for us to provide you with that natural wood door you’re in love with. And if you need to replace your garage door years down the road, we’ll probably get it from one of the same mills, because the workers re-plant from harvested timber.

When you’re ready for a new garage door, check out all the options you have. We recommend you look at the Clopay Reserve® Collection if you love all things natural. If you’re looking for a faux wood finish that will spare you the wood rot and warping, take a look at our Canyon Ridge® and Coachman® Collections.

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