Four Reasons You Should Get a New Garage Door

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Lets keep it real.

Who wouldn’t want a fancy new garage door?

And a big screen TV.

And one of those big new couches that wraps around the room 3.7 times.

And plenty of other things.


But here are FOUR reasons why buying a new garage door from us might not be such a bad idea…



#1 – Outrageously Good Return on Investment

Say you have a $200,000 house.  And spend $60,000 on a major kitchen overhaul.  Sweet – nice kitchen. Studies show that if you sold that house immediately following, you’d get about 65% of your $60,000 back when you sold your house. Not too bad.


For a garage door, studies show that you’d get 91% of what you spent on the new garage door BACK if you sold. It’s actually one of the best ROI decisions you can make for your home. So in essence, it’s kinda like you’re getting the door for free, right? (See what we tried to do there?)


#2 – A Little Change Goes a Long Way

You think.  Sure.  My garage door looks like the old Golden Girls TV set.  But who cares.  It’s just a door.  How much difference can it make?  Most of our clients can’t really envision the true change.  And so we get that a lot.  But once it’s up, you have no idea how many “Holy crap… is that my house?” faces we get to see. It really is like changing the entire exterior – without having to pay to change the entire exterior.


#3 – Rest at Ease

While we’re sure you’ll be ecstatic with our aggressive prices on a new door, we also put up quality doors. Doors that last. Don’t break down, and don’t leave you with a mess to fix when you don’t have the time.


#4 – You’ll Be a Freakin Hero

Because when it comes down to it, garage doors can make up for a lot of stuff:

  • New garage doors make wives happy. Enough said…
  • New garage doors make your neighbors jealous.
  • New garage doors make you feel better about the upcoming hoarder episode you’ve got going on inside your garage.


If one of those points resonates with you and you’re wondering what the next step is, we’ve got the best garage door showroom in Columbus. You may not want to jump the gun and buy one – but it doesn’t hurt if you’d simply like to see what’s out there.  We’d love to meet you and give you a look at how we could transform your home.


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