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As if winter isn’t depressing enough, it’s even worse when you walk into the garage at 6pm and the garage door light doesn’t work. Your first and obvious thought is “I wonder if the bulb is out”. But it might be more than that. If you have tried replacing the light bulb in your garage door opener, but the light still won’t come on, it could be one of these three problems: contacts in the light socket, the light socket itself, or the logic board. Reading that was probably like reading hieroglyphics, but that’s okay. We’ll walk you through the repair.

For safety reasons, we’ve gotta warn you first. WARNING: Failure to unplug the opener may result in electric shock. Unplug the opener. If, there is a back-up battery, disconnect it.

If you’re thinking this is the LAST thing you want to deal with on a cold day in the winter, just give us a call. If you’re ready to give it a shot yourself, follow these LiftMaster instructions to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

If it’s the contacts in the Light Socket…

If the light bulb has been replaced and the light is still not coming on, follow the steps below to pry out the contacts inside the light socket.

  1. WARNING:Failure to unplug the opener may result in electric shock. Unplug the opener. If, there is a back-up battery, disconnect it.
  2. Take out the light bulb.
  3. With a small flathead screwdriver, pry the two contacts inside the socket out so that they will make better contact with the bulb.
  4. Put light bulb back in, if there is a second light, repeat above steps.
  5. If there is a back-up battery, reconnect.
  6. Plug the opener back in. Test the lights.

If it’s the Light Socket or Logic Board

If the light is still not coming on, it could be the light socket or the logic board. To determine which one it is, follow the steps below.

  1. Unplug the garage door opener, then immediately plug the opener back into the electrical outlet. Listen for the light relay on the logic board to click.
  • If you hear a click, replace the light socket
  • If you do not hear a click, replace the logic board.

Note: This does not apply to garage door openers that use a work light that is separate from the garage door opener.

Hopefully one of these options worked for you. And hopefully you had some hot cocoa waiting for you when you got done with your big bad DIY self.

Remember that Deluxe Door Systems deals with any garage door repair you run into this time of year, from springs to broken rollers to garage doors that have a car mysteriously stuck in the middle of them… We do it all in Dublin, Westerville, Gahanna, Blacklick, New Albany, and so many more. If you’re in or around the I-270 belt, we’ll be there in record time when you call.


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