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This time of year you’re dreading that walk into the cold garage every morning to get in the car, or worse – looking for some obscure tool in your bare feet and wondering why you didn’t take the time to put your slippers on. Garage door R–value plays a big role in how warm your garage is, and how warm your garage is plays a big role in the energy efficiency of your home. Your garage is another room in the house, so why not have it insulated that way?

According to Clopay, the top-grade garage door manufacturer we work with, explains it this way:

R-value is a measurement of thermal efficiency of a garage door, or how well it insulates. Insulation is an important factor to consider when purchasing a garage door. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage, or if you have a room directly above or adjacent to your garage, you will want to purchase a garage door that offers a high R-value.

Here is the R-Value of the various Clopay Garage Door Models you can get through Deluxe Door Systems:
Premium Steel 2″ Polyurethane: 18.4
Premium Steel 1-3/8″  Polyurethane: 12.9
Premium Steel 2″ Polystyrene: 9.0
Premium Steel 1 3/8″ Polystyrene: 6.5
Gallery Collection 2″ Polyurethane: 18.4
Gallery Collection 1 3/8″ Polyurethane: 12.9
Gallery Collection 2″ Polystyrene: 9.0
Gallery Collection 1 3/8″ Polystyrene: 6.5
Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series: 20.4
Canyon Ridge Ultra-Grain Series: 18.4
Coachman Collection 2″ Intellicore Polyurethane 18.4
Coachman™ Collection 2″ 9.0
Coachman™ Collection 1-3/8″ 6.5
Grand Harbor 2″ 6.3
Classic Line Wood Flush Design 1-1/8″ 5.9

Some of you out there may feel pretty good about trying to insulate your garage door on your own, and it may not be as hard as you think. Here’s a video from a legit handyman that will explain to you how to insulate your garage door on your own if you’re feeling pretty good about yourself:

We’re Deluxe Door Systems, and we do a TON of garage door repairs around Columbus and the surrounding areas like Whitehall, Gahanna, Worthington, Grove City, Lewis Center, Hilliard…and pretty much everywhere else in between. If you have a garage door repair you need help with (for instance, your garage door springs…those are popular this time of year), or if you are interested in getting a new insulated garage door, call us, and we’ll go over any questions you may have and help you figure out what’s best for your home.


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