Garage Door Spring Repair in Columbus Ohio

It’s that time of year.

Springs are rusting from years of weather changes and wear and tear, and your garage door is shrieking for help! No worries. You’re not along. Garage door spring repair is the number one thing we get calls for, which means we do a lot of it.

Garage door springs wear out for a few reasons. It could be rust from years of moisture buildup, or it could just be that your garage door has gone up and down so many times – for work, for your kids’ soccer games, and for taking out the trash – and they just couldn’t hold on any longer. Another common reason garage door springs need changed is lack of care. Once a month, grease your garage door rollers and springs with a garage door lubricant, and you’ll have a much happier and well-oiled garage door that will last you even longer.

If you’re reading this because your garage door springs have officially given up, just give us a call. We’re here 24/7 for whatever garage door repair or emergency maintenance you need, and we’d love to help.

We do garage door repair in Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, Grove City, Hilliard, Clintonville, Upper Arlington, and everywhere in between. Just give us a call!

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