Deluxe Door Systems recently did a garage door update in Upper Arlington in place of an old garage door that was both outdated and poorly functioning. Really it was more of a complete overhaul. We installed a brand new opener and a brand new Clopay garage door to improve functionality. It looks like whoever built this garage to begin with bought into the myth of sliding doors. You get excited because you don’t have to worry about swinging a door in and out to conserve space, but then you realize you can only have one door open at a time. Not to mention the sliders wear over time, and on occasion the door will just pop right off the track.

That’s what happened to these homeowners. They were ready for an update and some easier garage access. Now instead of only having limited access by one door open at a time, they can press a button, and boom – their entire garage is easily accessible.

All it took was one day, and Deluxe Door Systems had completely transformed the function and look of this detached garage. Installing LiftMaster garage door openers and Clopay garage doors is what our garage door techs do all the time, which means they’re fast, knowledgeable, and freaking good at it.

If you’re in need of a facelift or a complete overhaul to your garage door opener system, let us know. We do garage door updates like this one anywhere from Dublin to Gahanna to Grove City to Hilliard. We’ll drive pretty much anywhere in and around the I-270 loop of Columbus. So for your next Columbus garage door update, repair or overhaul, we’re your people.

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What our Customers are Saying

I was very pleased with the work they did. When I called, they were willing to send someone out that day. The service technician was extremely knowledgeable and fair in the the did not recommend that we do any more than what was necessary. He performed additional service on the entire door while he was there. I would recommend them to others any time! Great experience!!!