Realizing you forgot to close the garage is the worst. Finding out your garage door won’t close can be a little more frustrating. Watching your garage door go up and down might make you feel as crazy as your neighbors think you look.

Here’s two of the most common reasons your garage door might be balking at the thought of staying closed:


Did you know the sensors at the bottom of your garage door can get confused by direct sun? Yep. Which means the things that make sure your garage door doesn’t squash your son’s bike might be trying to not squash the sun. Not as helpful.

Sensors can get knocked out of alignment as well. There should be lights on each side of your door – if one of them is off or blinking, the beam isn’t aligned, and your door will think something is in the way and stay open. You can try pushing the bracket that holds it or loosening the knob to get it back in line.

Travel Setting.

If your door keeps bumping the floor and coming back up, it probably means your travel setting needs adjusted. Your garage door knows how far it is to the floor – and if that setting is off, it could read the floor as an obstruction instead of the end point.

If this sounds like what’s happening to you, check out these instructions from LiftMaster on how to adjust your travel limit.

You can also check for broken cables, broken springs, or if there really is something blocking those sensors that you may have missed. If you’re still scratching your head, give us a call! We’re always ready to help identify the problem – and make sure your neighbors can’t call you crazy.

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Called Deluxe Door Systems to fix one of my garage doors. Ended up being a laser that was out of line…guys still hung around for about 30 minutes after correcting the problem and checked everything else. Were courteous, professional, knowledgeable…couldn’t have asked for a better experience!