Get Your Garage Ready for Any Season


The calendar says that we’re in the middle of winter. But the weather we’ve been seeing the last few weeks might tell you a different story. The temperature this time of year is like a yo-yo. And that constant change in temperature can be surprisingly harmful to your garage door.

Maybe you’ve noticed some of these issues with your garage door recently:

– It gets stuck to the ground or has pieces hanging off of the bottom.
– Too much cold or warm air is getting inside your home from the garage.
– Your door makes loud, screeching noises when it opens and closes.

If so, you’re not alone! These issues are usually due to the weather stripping, insulation, or garage door springs –  some of our most common garage door repairs.

So here are a few tips to get your garage ready for any season:

1. Replace Weather Stripping

If you’ve had your weather stripping for a long time, sometimes rain can get in between your weather stripping and the base of your garage, making it freeze and stick to the concrete whenever it gets colder. That also allows cold and warm air to get into your home more often. Thankfully, replacing the weather stripping is a pretty quick and cheap fix that you can either call us to do, or you can do it yourself if you’d like.

2. Get An Insulated Garage Door

If your garage is letting in too much warm or cold air, it can cost you hundreds of dollars extra in energy bills every year. Insulated doors make your home much more energy efficient; not to mention that they tend to last longer for your home since they’re more durable.

3. Preventing (or replacing) Broken Springs

Springs do most of the heavy lifting for your garage door, and they take an even bigger beating from the cold during the winter season. Usually, springs will last around 10,000 cycles. But there are a few easy ways to keep them running smoothly for longer.

The best thing you can do for your springs is to lubricate them about once a month. It’ll keep your garage door running smoothly and fix most squeaks you’re hearing from your door. Here’s a great video that shows how to do it. And here’s how to tell if your springs need replaced. Also, better insulation will keep the temperature from fluctuating as much in your garage, so there’ll be less wear on your springs.

Want to get your garage ready for every season? Just give us a call – we service Columbus and its surrounding areas for new installations and repairs.

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