Getting a New Garage Keypad

garage door keypad

A local Westerville guy and his wife just had their garage door keypad break. After years of using the same password and pressing enter, the numbers had almost worn off the buttons. When you don’t buy something often, it’s hard to decide which option out there is the best.

So the husband (we’ll call him George) put it on his “honey-do” list to get a new keypad and install it himself.

One month went by. Two months went by. Three months went by. And still no garage keypad.

When November hit, his motivation level skyrocketed for one particular reason. You see, the couple has the door knob on their back door set to automatically lock when anyone leaves the house. That way, they don’t have to remember to lock it behind them if they walk around front. Well, George wanted to say hi to his neighbor and walked out the back door. He always had a backup with the garage keypad.

Except today. The garage keypad still wasn’t installed, so George was locked out…in November…in the cold. He sheepishly had to ask his neighbor to house him momentarily until his wife could come home and let him in.

Don’t be George. It’s a pain to figure out the best keypad and get it installed correctly, especially when it’s cold outside. We do garage door repair all throughout Central Ohio and would love to swing by and get your garage keypad installed for you, or to fix anything that’s broken or squeaking.

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