How Humidity And Sunlight Can Affect Your Garage Door | Garage Door Repair

Humidity and sunlight can affect your garage door more than you might think. While the common garage door repair problems we come in contact with (springs, cables, and rollers) happen during the winter months, the summer can still take a beating to your garage door system. Here are some garage door repairs you may run into during the spring and summer and ways you can fix/prevent them:

  1. Direct Sun Rays can actually make the sensors on your garage door think that something is obstructing the opening of your garage… That’s the fancy way of saying that “the little things that make the garage door go back up so it doesn’t squash your cat when it’s walking underneath the door” are getting fooled by the sun’s rays. You may need to take some cardboard or sturdy paper and make little “sensor shades” if you’re running into this problem. If you need something more malleable, aluminum foil might help.
  2. Humidity can cause all kinds of problems with the metal parts of your garage door. Keeping a garage door lubricant handy all year round can help prevent any damaged garage door springs and any garage door rollers popping off the tracks. We recommend lubricating your garage door parts once a month.
  3. Thunderstorms can cause power outages in the spring and summer months. Here’s what to do when that happens to you.
  4. Fading Paint isn’t so much of a structural issue to watch out for, but it never hurts your curb appeal to paint or stain your garage door. This also would be a good time of year to see if your wood garage door needs re-sealed.

If these still don’t answer the questions you’re running into with your garage door repair, or if you just need some garage door experts to come take a look, let us know. We do Columbus garage door repair in and around the 270 loop, in places like Galena, Gahanna, Blacklick, Grove City, Bexley, Worthington, Powell, Lewis Center, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington… You get the picture. We’re EVERYWHERE. So give us a call!

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