How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

How to Open Your Garage Door Manually during a Power Outage:

The power is out, you already tripped over things in the dark, and now you need to figure out how to open your garage door manually before you’re late to work. We live in a world where things happen at the click of a button – But when the power goes out, things like our garage door still need to move.

Don’t worry! How to open your garage door manually is pretty simple. You won’t even be late for work.


Find the red cord hanging from a bracket on the chain that operates your garage door. (Most cords are red, but if yours isn’t, there’s usually only one so you should be good.) It’s hooked to a small lever. Pull the cord – you’ll feel when the lever locks into the DOWN position, which will disconnect the door from the powered carriage and allow you to open your garage door manually. See a demonstration from our friends at Clopay here! After the power comes on again, you can pull the cord again until you see the lever lock into the bracket again.


  • Make sure the garage is CLOSED before you disconnect it from the carriage. If you do this while it’s open or stuck halfway, it can fall. Garage doors are heavy and come down with a lot of force – which can cause a lot of harm if they fall on your or anything else. It also should be closed when you reconnect it to the carriage!
  • Some garage door openers reconnect without pulling the cable. Press the close button and
  • It’s a good idea to lock your garage door when it’s being opened and closed manually. BUT. Make sure you unlock it before you reconnect, because if you try to open it with the lock bar in place you could cause major damage.


Those are just a few helpful tips on how to open your garage door manually. BUT…If the garage door doesn’t slide up easily, there may be another problem in play. Give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out!


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“Our old garage door opener’s light would not come on, no matter what we did or had fixed.  Also, we wanted a battery backup in it in case power went out.  I called on a Friday. The gentleman told me the cost, and the next week he came and installed it.  The man was very nice, and he explained what he was doing during the procedure. Afterwards he told us about the new buttons. We will always use this company in the future.”