How to Prevent Your Springs from Wearing Out | Garage Door Repair

Most people think that the garage door opener does the heavy lifting when your door slides up and down, but the garage door springs are the things that take the beating every day. That’s why garage door spring repair and replacement is the #1 garage door problem we run into year after year.

We especially see garage door spring repairs spike during the cold winter months. Here’s what’s actually happening to your springs and what you can do to prevent them from wearing out quickly.

Just like human beings, garage door springs get tired after years of work. An average garage door spring should last about 10,000 cycles. If you live by yourself and only send it through the full up-and-down cycle twice a day, that’s not so bad. But if you’re super active and on the go, or if you have a family that’s constantly sending the door up and down all the time, you could wear your springs out in a little over a year. Other external problems like rust the wear and tear of metal against metal can really have a big effect on the lifespan of your garage door springs.

Here is the best way to keep your garage door springs in good shape:

  • Make sure that you lubricate your garage door springs on a regular basis – about once a month is what we recommend. If you’re a visual learner, here’s a video to show you how to lubricate your garage door springs and the other moving parts in your garage door opener system.

Here’s a way to check if your garage door springs need replaced:

  • Pull the red emergency release cord. This puts your door in “manual mode”, and you’ll be able to operate it by hand. If you hear squeaking, it’s probably your garage door hinges that need lubricated.
  • Then lower your door down, pull it about two feet off the ground and let go of the garage door. If your door stayed in its place, you have some strong garage door springs! Congrats. If it slams to the ground or sags and acts like it can’t wait to touch the ground, you’re looking at a repair fairly soon. Just give us a call, and we’ll come check them out. We’ll let you know if there’s life left in them or not!

It’s also a good idea for us to let you know that you can purchase springs that have a longer life span than normal. If you’re interested in some of those, just ask us about some heavy-duty garage door springs and we’ll let you know all about them…cause we’re garage door geeks.

We do garage door repairs and new garage door installations in Columbus and the surrounding suburbs, like Lewis Center, Blacklick, Pataskala, Grove City, Worthington, Dublin, Powell, and more! When we get a garage door repair call, we get there fast, so when your springs decide to retire, it won’t take us long to get you back up and running.


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Deluxe Door Systems was very responsive and were on time to the appointment. The crew was very professional and explained the work they were completing. They offered me options of replacing the broken spring with the same grade or upgrading to a heavy duty spring. No pressure sales, and they completed the work as promised. They even checked the alignment and function of the door and provided me with some simple care suggestions. They’re a great company and will get my recommendation.