Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home And Front Lawn | New Garage Door

There’s something about an exterior facelift that gives a home some much needed mojo. All it takes are some good ideas on how to spruce up your home and front lawn, and maybe even your garage door. Check out these amazing Houzz curb appeal ideas and see if you can spot the Clopay Avante garage door collection that’s sweeping the nation in one of these photos below. Just click the arrows at the bottom of each picture to see the small things you can do that pack a big punch.

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Saturday morning I opened my garage door, went to close it, and it wouldn’t close got stuck half down (I was worried because it was a weekend and I needed service promptly). I called two garage door companies. The first company couldn’t come that day but said they could come on Monday. I didn’t want my garage door in the up position overnight, so I called Deluxe Door Systems, seeing that they were highly recommended from Angie’s List. I talked with a very friendly person. She said they had someone in my area that morning and asked if I wanted them to call before coming. I said yes. The appointment was scheduled for 1 pm but the repair person was able to come earlier. He got there around 11:00. He called first as promised and was there within 20 minutes of his call. He also was very friendly, fixed door, and was done within 30 minutes.