Industrial Style Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors didn’t get their start in the residential market. It all started when businesses took on the “industrial modern” look. When Epic Development started using industrial glass garage doors for commercial clients as they transformed their shabby spaces into downtown loft-like offices, homeowners caught wind and wanted the same look captured at home. These recent homeowners wanted a glass garage door that opened up their space and allowed them to look at the woods behind their home. You pay money for that yard, so why not open up a space to actually¬†see it.

Here are some things you may not have known about the industrial style and why it’s catching on:

The “industrial style” didn’t used to exist. It was a workplace. People used to go to these large brick and mortar buildings and work all day long. Then things got fancy. Society progressed, drywall, stucco, popcorn ceilings, elegant curtains, shag carpet… you name it. The “fixins” came along, and things got complicated. That’s how the pendulum swings. People go from simplicity to excess and then back and forth.

We are in a “simplistic” time right now when it comes to style, and the Clopay Avante Collection garage doors are the perfect thing to accompany your industrial look. The bare bones, stripped-back architecture of the industrial look lends for every-day life to be noticed and not covered, for trees and gardens to be enjoyed for what they are, not covered by ornate paisley curtains.

If you’re drawn to the industrial style, you probably hate mainstream stores and flee to flea markets instead. Vintage, old attic finds, and cinder block coffee tables are up your alley. So why not try these garage doors? They’ll make you even happier than your little industrial self already is. If you’re ready to embrace an industrial style garage door in Clopay’s Avante Collection, give us a call or stop by our showroom. We do garage door repairs and installation in Columbus and the surrounding areas like Lewis Center, Blacklick, Gahanna, Worthington, Dublin, and oh-so-many-more.


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The technician was very informative and nice. He checked the whole system and told me it probably had a couple more years of life. He said if it did die they would come out right away and even give me a discount for a new liftmaster. He gave me an additional $10 off because he said he didn’t do much. I’m so glad I called them and would definitely call them again. They were very punctual. He called before he came out. They are very big on customer service.