Insulated Garage Doors Are Worth It

Insulated Garage Doors Columbus Ohio

Well, it’s snowing again. And it’s COLD. Whenever the weather swings dramatically enough to consider moving to a different climate, we reach for the thermostat – but have you ever thought that an insulated garage door helps with climate control in your home?

Here are 3 reasons to consider an insulated garage door:

1 – Climate Control: It’s pretty obvious. An insulated garage door keeps the temperature in your garage a lot more manageable. What we sometimes forget is that the garage acts as a buffer zone between your house and the outdoors. Keeping it warmer makes it easier to keep your house warmer, or cooler in the summer. The R-Value of your door increases your energy efficiency (and lowers your costs!)

2 – Insulated Garage Doors are Less Noisy: Not only do insulated garage doors tend to rattle less (everyone who has a room above the garage whispers a “god bless your soul” here) but will also keep noise from the street out as well.

3 – Tougher: Denser doors can take the everyday abuse better. Whether it’s just the constant up and down, or your kids throwing a basketball against the garage door for practice, insulated doors will hold up better. Their added rigidity helps the door panels withstand impacts, stress, etc over time.


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