My Garage Door Just Crashed to the Ground | Garage Door Repair

You want the bad news first? The bad news is that you can’t repair this on your own, and unfortunately it isn’t something you can ignore. Your garage door repair MUST be taken care of when your garage door just falls to the ground.


The good news is we’re 99% sure we know what the problem is without even stepping foot on your property. Unless there’s something unusual going on with your garage door, your garage door springs need replaced. Over time garage door springs get old and rusty, and that loud crash your garage door makes when it falls to the ground is because they can no longer function properly.


We do this kind of garage door repair all the time, so give us a call, and we’ll get out there crazy fast. We do garage door repairs in Columbus and the surrounding areas like Gahanna, Westerville, Hilliard, Bexley, Lewis Center, and many more. Just give us a call any day, any time.


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What our Customers are Saying

“As I do every day, I parked my car in my detached garage, hit the button on the way out, and was walking to the house.  When I was a few steps away I heard a loud band and the door slammed down.  I checked back inside the garage and saw a couple cables hanging.  It was late afternoon and I called Deluxe Door hoping to catch someone still there.  They answered and gave me a service appointment first thing the next morning.  I received an “on our way” call at 7:45am, and the technician arrived just before 8am.  He looked at the door and cables, diagnosed it as a broken spring, and gave me a price.  He had it all taken care of within 45 minutes or so, including an inspection of both doors.  I paid by credit card and he was on his way before 9am.  Terrific job and great response!”